Friday, August 8, 2008

Tiny Potter

Our porch may seem to be the place for a quiet relaxing evening or a nap in the shade of a large overhanging tree, but while I’m away, much happens here.
There’s a little potter working.

I noticed these first yesterday, while one was still uncapped. The open hole, perfectly round. The lip turned out so slightly.
These are the nests of a Potter Wasp.
An egg waits to hatch inside.

I would have loved to watch her form them, small clay pots the size of a marble. Fastened to the window box, beside the white porch rail.
Turning... and circling... until the vessel was complete.
Then capturing food--and sealing it up tight!

From Wikipedia:
It is believed that Native Americans based their pottery designs upon the form of local potter wasp nests.

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KatDoc said...

Aaahh, Nina - Just when I think I am getting pretty good at pottery, you show me a little insect can do a better job than I can. How precious. I, too, would have loved to have seen her at work.


nina said...

Actually, Kathi, I was thinking you could craft a pot with her in mind...nice small opening, sort of "roughly" finished?
(I think you did something that shape for a soap dispenser?)

Anyway, what a cute line of pots you could start. Maybe for holding infusing rods? Natural tones, maybe unglazed? Whatd'ya think?

(love my little green one, though!)

bobbie said...

The insect world never ceases to amaze. Tiny perfection.

Anonymous said...

I know I have never seen a Potter Wasp's nest. Nice shot.

Anonymous said...

Nature's ingenuity shown once more. Who would have thought that chewed up tree bark and wasp spit was such a great combination

NCmountainwoman said...

Are these the same wasps we call "Mud Daubers" here in the south? (Although our mud nests are cylinders and elongated.)

nina said...

Ncmountainwoman--not exactly. They're somehow related, but build differently. We have the organ-pipe style, too, in many places. This is the first time I've found potter's nests. Aren't they too cute?!

Cicero Sings said...

I have never seen the like ... they ARE too cute!

KGMom said...

Most fascinating.
When I saw the title of your post, I thought you might be writing about a long lost relative of Harry.

nina said...

kgmom--LOL, I wish I'd thought of that!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Very interesting information and photos. I learn something new here every day. Thanks!

I think we don't have Potter Wasps here, but I'll have to check. Mud Daubers we have in plenty!

Zombie Money said...

As long as they are not Zombie wasps :) nice pics!

KatDoc said...

Why is it that I now have this song running thru my head: "Hold me closer, tiny potter"?


nina said...

Oh, great!
Now you've got me hummin', too!

Rambling Woods said...

What an eye you have to notice what most of us would never see. Thank you..

Eco Enthusiast said...

I saw potter's nest for the first time last year at a nature workshop. But, I haven't seen any around here yet. They really are amazing.