Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snow Angels

This afternoon's snow

I cheer for the few little flakes—
small clumps, actually, that fall ever so slowly on bare grass.
Like the lightest small feathers shaken loose.
Barely there.

Last week's dusting of snow is already gone, the yard soft and muddy from yesterday's hint of spring. And, though part of me waits eagerly for longer, fragrant days and the life that erupts madly with the first warm, spring rain, I’m always sad to see it go.

Snow holds so many precious memories--
of little angels.

Last week's snow

with Black Walnut shell

with Sycamore button

on gravel drive

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KGMom said...

You are, without a doubt, the poet of blogging. Photos and words, always in tandem. Always so apt.

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Great photos, as usual. And lovely words.

But if you got even a flake to photograph, you got more than I did here along the river—the only flakes I saw, though there were plenty of 'em, stayed in the air.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Kallen305 said...

Lovely words and photos Nina. At this point in my life I detest snow due to the fact we have been hammered by it. After reading your blog I am starting to like it a little more. ;o).

I wish we were teased by spring here in the Northeast. Enjoy it while you can.

hitch writer said...

Your pics are again beautiful, the way you describe the winter going, I almost felt sad...

But surely in countries like you, summers must be more welcome !

nina said...

I lived the first half of my life in the northeast and remember fondly the deep snows of my childhood and, then, my children's childhood.
Now in the south, I savor each day that even stingily gives us a flake or two.
What I would do to see the snow angels scattered around the yard as I used to!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

It's true, you've got to let go of snow to get the spring. That being said, I remember once being snowed in on a surprise April 1st blizzard up in New England. I got caught on the road and stayed the night in a rest area with a bunch of other stranded motorists. So maybe the two aren't as inseparable after all.

Mary said...

I second Donna's comment.

When spring approaches now, Nina, I remember the wild, exhausting days and late evenings associated with my favorite seasons and begin to almost miss the quiet and solitude of winter.

nina said...

Mary--So true. Soon we will be up with the sun to scout the first happenings around our ponds!

hitchwriter--I think that would depend on the person as much as the country. As lovely as summers are, I often find myself avoiding the heat, hunkering down indoors somewhere for a month or more, to escape the heavy humidity. Spring and fall would be my favorites!

Grizzled scribe--Yes, the skies looked much more threatening than what actually fell from them!

KGmom--your comments always catch me just at the right time! (feeling, as many others, a lack of things to share!)

Kallen--snow's like anything, I guess. When we're supersaturated with it, it loses it's beauty. Yet, I'd love to have a couple of feet drop from the sky for me to play in! It's been sooooo long!

Robert--Those are memories I'm sure you'll always chuckle about.

Thistledew Farm said...

Awesome pictures - thanks for sharing - we don't get much snow, so it's nice to see these reminders of my childhood.

Thomas said...

great photos!