Saturday, November 14, 2009

Going to the Chapel...

I still pore through piles of photographs, captured, now months ago, when we took just one day to travel north and spend the week walking a great lakeshore. With each, reviving an impression so great upon our reaching daylight, after passing down a dim and winding trail from within the dense, north woods--of a broad beach and open water which, at first, lay calm and still.
In mounting wind and change of sky, I wrapped my head with an extra shirt, tying the sleeves beneath my chin. And, sat, backed into a great dune, the wall of woods behind me.
As, under piles of clouds, waves rose and tore at the shore, reaching higher and higher with each cast upon the beach--rolling colorful stones, as the marbles of a child.
Days from now, I will not recall the name of this grand place on Superior’s southern shore.
But, I will not forget the little ladybug that walked a path, around and around, on one smooth stone--just out of the water's reach.

the trail to Chapel Beach

Bicknell's Cranesbill

woods filled with Yellow Birch

small waterfalls

a slug has found a mushroom

Chapel Beach,
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

Chapel Rock

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bobbie said...

Gorgeous photos and wonderful words. I love the smooth stones. Your little ladybug friend seems to be enjoying one too.

Arija said...

A lovely post Nina, but then all of yours are so delightfully sensitive as well as beautiful. Yes, the milestones of our life are not the facts and figures, but the little things along the way that touch our souls.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Chapel Rock photo is outstanding. Love seeing the ladybug touring the rock.

Feathers said...

Nina, Thanks for sharing your visit to the U.P. with us. I used to live there, and your words and photos take me home again. Our patio has a collection of those colorful stones along one edge. I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy the area.-

Mary said...

You made me desire a reflective walk on the beach. Or to let my feet sink in wet sand and just stand there and enjoy the beautiful view.


Heather said...

A captivating series of photos, Nina. Thank you for sharing a special, beautiful day with us. I really love the small waterfalls and the first image of Chapel Rock. If we make it up to 'da U.P. again, I will make it a priority to explore Picture Rocks more thoroughly!

RuthieJ said...

Wow Nina, your photos are so beautiful. I especially like the 2nd to last one with the burst of sun and reflection in the water.

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for the vacation! Love that wonderful soft sand a polished stones! Find any beachglass?