Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hunter I

The covering of soft snow has stayed with us all week.
Yesterday's tracks becoming whispers, as they are muffled by a light, fresh blanket--bold, new trails left in their place. Nighttime's stories for sunrise readers.

This morning's sun on a clean white world was the cheer much needed.
In the story of the tracks--the promise of spring.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

These pictures capture the activities of a fox in our fields and woods last night.
The story they tell and the promise they reveal is yours, if you want to read them. I've tried to shadow the photos in order to accentuate the tracks--images enlarge if you click on them. Look closely....there's a happy ending!

(Read the accompanying words, here.)

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Tom Arbour said...

Hi Nina,

Excellent shots,can't wait to see what will happen Do you know if you tracking a red fox or a gray fox?


Unknown said...

Nina I'll be back to see the answer. All I can guess is there is a juvenile with the adult? I saw 2 pair of tracks in some of the photos and in some photos it looked like a fluffy tail was being drug?
Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Very cool series!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

My guess is Red Fox. Have seen 2 in the 15 years living here, though not on our property.
Foxes use other animal's paths to move across their area--some tracks in these photos are rabbits'.
Greeny has noticed drag marks. Check it out!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Interesting pictures. It looks like something was being dragged. I can't wait to see the ending!

Mary said...

Interesting! I didn't know that foxes use other paths. Every winter in Maryland I saw a Red Fox once, usually during a snowstorm.

I'll be back! Great photos, Nina.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

What is the smooth dragging/sliding track? I see tracks leading up to the creek but can't see any coming back out.

Cathy said...

No denying the strength of that beautiful light. Those strong tree shadows in the last frame . . . are they pointing to (shhhhhhh) its burrow?

nina at Nature Remains. said...

You guys are doing well--sharp eyes, all!
Yes, something is being dragged...not moving under its own power--the only footsteps are to one side of it, not straddling it.
What could it be (size/weight)? And where did it happen?
The creek photo is tough to read, but I'm glad you're trying, Lynne--the tracks go from right to left, starting on what looks like the second ledge above the water, and coming back out near the bottom left.
Can you believe how far he dragged it??
Where is he going?

Mel said...

Suspense is killing meeeee :S
(loooove the pic-story!!!)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know she was dragging something. Maybe a kit to a different place? Dinner for some kits?

Isn't it amazing that they can slip through fences. !

nina at Nature Remains. said...

From what I've read, Red Foxes breed in Dec/Jan, and have a 49-56 day gestation.
Vixens (females) stay within den with kits for first several weeks, never leaving.....

Travis said...

Interesting event to be tracking. I like the photos. Thanks for sharing.

Tom said...

Nighttime's stories for sunrise readers.

That remark fills my mind with wonder.

Our local Red Foxes have young ones now and hunting at night time is hectic to feed them. Young fed foxes if you are lucky enough to see them have beautiful blue eyes.
May the fox had been out catching a rabbit for mum and babies.

Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Nina. I took my niece to our little cabin in the ozarks this summer. She's a budding photographer. We were surprised to see this pair of foxes just outside our window near dusk. She cleverly photographed them through the window at a very close distance.

You might enjoy seeing them on my old blog: