Thursday, November 8, 2007

Decisions, decisions, decisions

In our family, I’m known to explain things—to attempt to understand why things are as they are, and share the revelation with others. Not that what I end up with is "right"—there are many ends, once you start down a road. But, as much for myself as for others, I am rewarded with a settled feeling when I make sense of this world…an assurance that, whatever the issue, there will be resolution. Once resolved, set aside.
Most often, I find my understanding has come from nature--perhaps because I look for it there, perhaps because nature willingly shares it.

I can recall, one spring, watching a nesting robin repeatedly lay strands of grass against a small branch outside my window. For days she brought piece after piece—yet, none held fast. I worried she would continue without end—so long she fussed at that spot. But, weeks later, I found her “happily” nested in the adjacent bush. How long do you keep at something that isn’t working? Long enough to be able to say you’ve given it your best effort—not so long as it prevents you from getting on with the egg-laying of life.
Last February’s ice storm glazed the same tree—the branch heavy with its coating of ice, fell. Sometimes our choices are taken away.

Right now, I’m choosing paint.
A lover of color, I’ve decided upon brown.
The absence of color can be beautiful, too.



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mon@rch said...

I have to agree with you, I am also a fan of color!

nina said...

Most of my indoor living spaces are shades of green, not surprisingly!

Carolyn Hietala said...

Nina, I have to say that your words touched my heart, yes tears. Sometimes we are like the Robin... pounding at something that is necessary... for a time. Just this week something that I have been struggling with for years came to an end. It was beyond my control, out of my hands to a point. But I persevered as best I could. Thanks for putting my experience in better understanding ;0) Ever had the feeling that some spirits must coincide at a precise given moment... for a reason?
Thanks! Photos are wonderful ;0)

KGMom said...

Nina--lovely photos that show you have a keen eye for shape and detail, even as winter browns take over.

Cathy said...

What a beautiful metaphor - our efforts to make decisions for our lives - the robin struggling to get her eggs on a reliable perch. I loved it. I also love brown. (The photos - so right)

Ruth said...

I love colour and have one red wall in my living room. But I also like my brown bathroom, a colour I call "tea with milk". You can accent browns with bright colours nicely.

Mary said...

You do very well with color. I enjoyed your story, your words, and you colorful photos. Wow. Like JZ commented once, your blog is relaxing and just wonderful, Nina.

cestoady said...

After eons of trial and error -- of selection-- of survival of the most fit --and of elegant harmony --- nature boasts a parade of winners that become the prizes of evolution. What better to use for inspiration and understanding. Wisdom in action.

nina said...

The details , textures, shapes in this field seemed to stand out even more with the lack of color.
And, yes, I also have a brown bathroom--with brightly painted pictures as accents! Brown makes a good backdrop for almost everything.
I do notice that bloggers I like to read often have a similar thought--not surprising, I guess, as I read their posts because I sense a familiar tone in their writings.
I find seeing the scale and ease with which life marches on a very good way to keep my perspective--my problems are very ordinary and shared by so many.

dguzman said...

Nina, I just love your blog.

I painted a room a shade of brown (one of those texture Ralph Lauren paints, "suede," I think) and I LOVED it. Brown's a color too! I'm sure it'll look great, especially when you add some good accent colors.

Thanks for the post; I've been that robin many times.

Chris said...

Nina, I love the robin story. You're so right, when do we know when enough is enough, I guess even nature battles the same problems. What a co-inkie-dink I'm deeling with that question right now about things in my life.
I love your blog and added it my site.

Q said...

Nature teaches me everything I need to know!
I like all the colors too.
Nice to be able to catch up with you.
Happy painting!