Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Set Free

I came upon this scene suddenly, driving one of the back roads just before evening. As I turned the car for a better look, I spooked the turkey vulture, standing guard.

Did you see her
fluttering within her cage,
small and warm,
full of life?

Silently, she has flown
on wings that beat
a rhythm
never ending,
strong and free.

Where did she go?
I think you know.
I saw you watching.

As final as this sight may seem,
it impressed upon me the continual rhythm of life.
Two weeks ago this field was not yet harvested--
this deer must have fallen here just recently.
Yet, nature has already reclaimed her for others' lives.

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mon@rch said...

love the poem and that is a great picture of all the birds flying together!

nina said...

I opted not to use a closeup of one vulture at the carcass--I have it to confirm the ID--just didn't want to overdo the drama. Black vultures are said to be more "social"; Turkey vultures, more solitary--although these circling are also Turkey Vultures. (red faces)

RuthieJ said...

At least the deer didn't go to waste... Vultures need to eat too and that was a good meal to help sustain them through migration.

Jennifer said...

As always (or at least often... usually anyway) your post is very thought-full. Nature is full of life lessons, if we are open enough to notice.