Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just a glimpse

The snow fell—covering every living thing.
Last week’s warm and noisy nights have been replaced by a cool, quiet stillness.
What had been just a glimpse of spring, now lies beneath a blanket over a foot deep.

The deer walk slowly through the creek bed, plunging their faces into the snow—seeking the scarce buried green.
At the feeder, a squirrel opens seed after seed, their husks piling at his feet, as the flakes pile on his back. Hunger drives them forward.

Even the birds are wearing white.
The day progresses as it began—flakes falling, the outside world cast in gray.

By nightfall, the clouds had moved past.
Beneath a sky full of stars, we emerged from the shelter of our house, wood stove glowing warmly—and skied along the trails hearing nothing at all.
From the distant darkness, the call of a great horned owl.

This morning all is quiet again. The brilliant sunshine has prompted a dripping from the eaves.

In the woods, the branches free themselves of their weighty loads as I walk past--following on foot, our trail of last night.

The pebbly frozen surface of the pond glistens like a carpet of a thousand diamonds.

Around snowy boulders, the little creek flows clearly and swiftly.

Already the melting has begun.
With the sunshine warm against my face, I walk back past the quiet pools.
The air smells of spring.

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Threadspider said...

So soon now Nina. The air is truly filled with the energy of Spring.

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful post today. I can feel the peace and stillness of the moment. I know you are ready for spring as we all are, but these storms on are some of my favorite. Mother natures way of reminding us to quite ourselves within. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It would be difficult to hurry up spring when you have such beauty outside. I am sure you are as ready for spring as all other creatures.

ncmountainwoman said...

Marvelous post. The poetry of your words accompanied by the great photos gives us all the feeling of being there. We, too, can smell the spring.

I've been grateful to be retired and away from the midwest snow this year, but your writing has made me miss it quite a bit.

Cathy said...


As I told Sandy at "Garden Path" - you've got to stop being so consistent. Every one of your posts exhausts our lists of adjectives. (but never our hearts)

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Poignant. Lovely. Inspiring. Hopeful. The list goes on. Thanks.

Mary said...

Ditto what Cathy said.

Your snow photos are sparkly! I love sparkly!

Mel said...

I think Cathy makes OUR point ;)

For me is not just beautiful but new! Thank you for sharing such beauty all the time.

NW Nature Nut said...

Wow, it's hard to even imagine all that snow and ice. Here I am in "balmy" Oregon, watching my daffodils bloom, hearing the birds sing 'spring is here.' Hang in there...Spring is just around the corner indeed.

oboe's mom said...

have you ever heard singing ice? I did years ago while tossing pebbles on our frozen farm pond with my three-year-old nephew. never heard it again. It is a lovely eerie sound. I would love an explanation of the phenomenon.

mon@rch said...

Wow, you did get some snow didn't you! These are all such amazing photos!

nina said...

threadspider--yes, i think so. Even with snow on the ground, spring is in the air.

Stacey--yes, no matter our timing, we must be quiet and wait.

Lisa--this snow didn't bother me too much--I know it is short lived, as the ground is warm as it falls. Knowing it will b gone tomorrow makes me want to take advantage of every beautiful moment before it passes.

ncmountainwoman--it was a lovely snow--I'm glad you got a taste of it here.

Cathy--you are always consistently sweet, too! It's easy to take and share pretty photos with such a subject!

Mary--didn't you get any sparkly snow?

Mel--Have you never seen snow? I don't know much of Peru. I wish I could send you some!

nw nature--I always forget Oregon's weather is buffered by the ocean. I'm sure your daffodils are a welcome spring arrival.

Oboe's mom--I think I have heard that, but wouldn't have a clue of what's behind it. Magnified over the large water surface?

Seabrooke said...

You have blackbirds! I'm looking forward to their return. If they're on time, it should be next week, but the snow may delay them.

Beautiful snowy pics. :)

Kerri said...

Wow Nina! These are BEAUTIFUL!

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful pictures! You really did get a lot of snow. Somehow we managed to escape this storm and it came as rain, so spring is still making some headway here.

Jennifer said...

Should make the sap flow!

nina said...

Seabrooke--yes, Redwings, if you can catch the detail!-They've been here for several weeks now, in fact I counted my first the weekend of the GBBC in mid Feb!

Kerri, Sandpiper, and Jennifer--Doesn't snow darw you out into in with your camera--I have so much to learn about exposure--I take far more than I keep!

RuthieJ said...

Beautiful pictures, Nina. I think it's a little easier accepting all that snow knowing that (hopefully) it will be melting again soon.

Carolyn Hietala said...

My goodness... what beauty you find. I have neglected to visit you for a while and now so sorry. See what I've missed? Nina you lift my spirits with your images & writing... thanks ;0)