Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indian Thistle

The Olympic Peninsula has a rich native heritage.

Surrounded by small villages named Sekiu, Pysht, Kalaloch and Sequim, its history predates our culture—and, the land, European exploration.
Within these old-growth forests of the Olympic Range, much is the same as it was, centuries before, as the native tribes walked these lands. The impenetrable growth of these woods, and the Olympics’ separation from the mainland by the Puget Sound has created a sanctuary—a rich environment, untouched by time, preserved to the present.

Hiking the trail on Hurricane Ridge

fields full of Lupines

The dense woods of the lower elevations, rise and open—to great golden fields of the smallest wildflowers, sturdy and eager to revel in the sunshine of but 2 months’ days.

view south over Olympic Range

Pearly Everlasting

Bees and flies buzz from one to the next, struggling against a strong, cool breeze.
Summer is short on the mountaintop.
And sunshine, a rare delight.


Black-tailed Deer

Black-tailed deer graze here, before taking shelter below. And Ravens nest in the small twisted trees, their large blackness, striking.

From a narrow winding trail on Hurricane Ridge, glimpses of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and beyond that, Canada--in shades of blues, haze upon a distant land.

view north toward Canada

And a thistle I’ve not seen before.
Appropriately, the only native thistle to the Northwest, Indian Thistle.
With fuzzy buds and nodding heads.
And many, many bees.

Indian Thistle (Edible Thistle)
Cirsium edule

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Kim from Hiraeth said...

Your nature photography is top notch. I enjoy seeing your photos very much!

Ivar Ivrig said...

I for Interesting post :-)
Wonderful pictures

Granny Smith said...

This is a part of the world that I know and love as a visitor. My son and his family live in Port Townsend. Your photography, especially of the shy little native plants, is outstanding.

Reader Wil said...

What a splendid country! It must be wonderful to live in such peaceful surroundings! Thank you for sharing

Paul said...

I have good memories of the area. Thanks for renewing them with beautiful photos.

photowannabe said...

The Indian Thistle is quite beautiful. I like the fuzzy edges. Nice travelogue too.

leslie said...

Beautiful shots, especially the thistle! :D

Klaus said...

Gorgeous - and always a treat to visit, which I have to do more often!
Cheers, Klaus

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such gorgeous scenery Nina. Iknow you are enjoying that part of the world. I just love the totem poles and the totem drawings etc from there. I hope you get to see some. One of my favorite artists is from that area, Sue Coleman. I hope you can see some of her art.

shutterhappyjenn said...

oh my gosh, what a great scenery!!! how i wish i can see that great place, too!

My "I" picture is posted here. Happy Wednesday!

Mary said...

Thanks for your view, Nina. Always sweet and beautiful. You've been traveling! Good for you!


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Another lovely post, both photography and narrative. Thanks!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Wow, it was a feast of photos for me here Nina, and they are all so beautiful..really great post for ABC.I did my first ABC post today and I don't think I did it right either as I now find two ABC sites..oh dear.

Bear Naked said...

Inspirational Photos for ABC Wednesday letter I.
Thank you.

Bear((( )))

kouji said...

i especially like the photograph of the view north. :)

me ann my camera said...

The photos of the mountain range are most beautiful.
ann at Gallimaufry Gleanings

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks so much! Yes, I really feel like a visitor here, love it!