Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Such a place, is an ocean,

Late afternoon at Second Beach, Olympic National Park

Whose massive monuments,
Part minuscule grains of sand,

Second Beach, Olympic National Park

stones on sand

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, low tide

Where waves of unbridled strength carve stone,
Then gently lay shells upon it,

beach between Cape Alava and Sand Point, Olympic National Park

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

shells on sand

Where life for so many begins,
And the harshness of death is softened,

Second Beach, Olympic National Park

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

drift logs on sand

Sand Point, Olympic National Park

An expanse of unruly roughness,
Hides a single, smoothed round stone.

between Cape Alava and Sand Point, Olympic National Park

Such a place, is an ocean.

skipping stones on Ruby Beach

trail to Third Beach, Olympic National Park
sea stacks between trees

all photos click to enlarge

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fablous photos and thoughts about them. That first rock in the beach looks like a sandpipers nest with egg. The driftwood looks like whale bones to me. You make want to go there again.

nina said...

I love to spend time thinking at the ocean.
It seems that everything is there, in some form--big, small, power, grace, life, death.
Is that why my mind slips away?

I wish we'd found whale bones.
Our greatest find, in size, was a sea lion.

Lynne said...

Nina, this is such a lovely collection of photos. My favorite is the third- the oval rock with the curves and channels of sand. I would want to touch it and yet not disturb it. It's like a painting to me.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Nina, Nina..........
First-Thank you for the nice comment on my blog.
Second-Your blob.............is perfectly amazing! I mean it! I can't wait to really have the time and read EVERY word!
I got teary (I've been emotional since my hysterectomy???) looking at some of your pics and ready your words.
You are amazing. I am makeing a new category on my blog roll for you~come see what it is;)

DNLee said...

WOW! beautiful photos. I stumbled upon your page. I am so glad -- another nature blogger.

Today is my luckiest day.

Kyle said...

Wow, what beautiful, peace-filled pictures. Thanks for sharing, Nina!

Robin Easton said...

Oh gosh, I wish you could have heard me gasp when I just opened your page. These photos and your words tugg at my heartstrings so much because I miss the sea. Grew up in Maine like I probably told you....and am now in the southwest.

The astounding beauty of stones in sand leave me breathless and these photos of sand, water and trees, of blues and greys and greens make it almost unbearable for me because I truly wish I could step right into the photos, leave my office behind and walk along the beach. I hear the waves in my mind and smell the salty air.

This is just incredible, Nina. Even though I cannot be there right now, at least Nature's voice and beauty is not lost on you. She must love you as much you love her. It's it amazing to have that love. I couldn't live without it. I couldn't.


NCmountainwoman said...

Once again...lovely poetry and wonderful pictures.

JeanMac said...

I can feel the sand and hear the water!

Denise said...

What a beautiful place and your photos are stunning.

The Tile Lady said...

I have never visited Washington, but I knew it was a gorgeous place and your photographs continue to confirm that for me! Your descriptions of the shots are also wonderful. Great post!

Quiet Paths said...

Oh boy, these are all my favorite places. We go here each year. Some years we go more often even tho' it's over 600 miles. Your shot of Ruby Beach is just the way it is! Excellent post. I have Olympic beach pictures on the header at my place if you are interested. Now, I'm off to go explore the Lake and Lodge above!

Luiz Ramos said...

Great shots. Your shots became art.

NW Nature Nut said...

I really enjoyed your shell and rock photos on the sand. Such simple beauty.

Sparverius said...

Once again, you have taken me on a short vacation. I love my minute vacations with you.