Thursday, September 6, 2007

Broken record

I almost hate to mention it again--hate to repeatedly complain about how miserably hot it is. I've never been patient with those that continually complain about its being cold in the wintertime--after all, isn't it supposed to be that way?
How is this any different?
Certainly, there must be something more newsworthy than the weather?
I feel like a broken record.

But in actuality, the weather in SW Ohio (and many other locations) is news. In fact, for the last two days, the summary of August's weather statistics has been front page news.
The hottest August on record, ever, combined with the 12 inches below average rainfall for the year, has caused what is now considered an "extreme drought".
It's not supposed to be this way.
My complaints are not the only "broken record."

The pond which was so lovely to look at in early May,

is now low enough to reveal the remnants of the previous dam. The glossy surface, replaced by the thick green growth of late summer. And the edges no longer covered in water have filled in with tall grasses. I see many deer tracks in the exposed mud of the old dam, and hope they don't get mired attempting to reach some water they must thirst for. Their grazing fields are dry and brown, bushes dropping their leaves early.

The grapes we'd eagerly watched and hoped for have suffered, too. First the Japanese beetles, then the drought, now caterpillars. Not a grape remains--hopefully the vines will pull through.
We use our land for enjoyment and plantings for amusement. I can only imagine how helpless the neighboring farmers must feel--their livelihoods hanging by a thin thread.

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Mary said...

Dear Nina,

You aren't the only broken record. I've been thinking about my pathetic whining on my blog and telling myself to shut up about it. The summer has not been ordinarily hot. I'm with ya, sista! It shouldn't be like this - too much suffering is going on.

cestoady said...

As the days of extreme drought march on, the expression " Survival of the Fittest" takes on special meaning .

I wonder what those fingerling bullheads you showed us ( June 5) would say about the pond ??
I can hear them now , " Wow, what a great summer we are having --lots of warm water, food, and a chance to explore the deeper parts of the pond " !!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Nina,
You have my sympathy....I think heat is the hardest thing to deal with & combined with no rain, awful! I hope it cools down for you soon.

Cathy said...

Oh Nina,

Your despair over the dryness has a particular poignancy for me.

When my husband did his training in Denver I longed for rain - for moisture. Of course the semi-aridity was the norm there, but still I found the 13 " annual rainfall - disheartening.

I hope the drought is soon broken. Go ahead and complain.