Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still life

Of all we reap from our garden, I'm always most thrilled with the butternuts. So sweet and golden inside--we'll choose the best ones for Thanksgiving dinner and scatter the rest throughout the coming cooler months.
Everything grew well this year, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, basil, beets and zucchini. And we enjoyed it all--freshly picked.
I've never gotten excited about canning. The idea of tending a steaming pot while the outside temperatures soar, is not for me. If we can't keep up with the ripening fruits, we pass them on to our non-gardening friends.

But the butternut squash will carry us into the winter months well. And with each savory, sun-kissed spoonful, we'll remember the warmth of this summer.
When all outside is frozen, and the skies are gray, there will be, still, life.

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Ruth said...

Butternuts are my favourite squash. What a harvest you got! If I lived closer, I would beg one from you.

Dorothy said...

I love fall veggies, --- acorn and butternut squash are my favorites, Nina.

Your garden sure gave you a bountiful harvest. Your squash photos are seasonally beautiful!

cestoady said...

Early Fall is surely in the air when you can picture a bounty of lovely, fat, schmoo-like butternut squash lounging in the afternoon sun -- later,it may be a congregation of plump pumpkins before the heavy frosts appear or first snowflakes fall.

On the dinner table,those squash are like a helping of sunshine.

Mary said...

That's a wonderful way of viewing the scorching heat. Now you have a memory of what was when the blistering COLD kicks in. Great post, Nina.

Your butternut squash will carry you through the next seasons!

RuthieJ said...

That's a great squash picture--all those are from your garden? WOW!

P.S. I got "A Slice of Organic Life" from the library today. What a great book....I can see I'm going to have to purchase a copy to keep for myself. Thanks for the tip, Nina.

mon@rch said...

I just love butternuts! Although I wish i could cook them as good as others do!

Larry said...

I haven't had Butternut Squash for two years.-I'm definitely going to break that spell this year!

nina said...

If the squash is naturally sweet, like I hope these will be--there's nothing simpler--halve them and microwave. Serve with a spoon!

Q said...

A bountiful harvest! Beautiful photos. Yummy eating.
Happy Autumn!