Friday, September 14, 2007

Visit from a friend

The last week has been beautiful--nights that dip into the 50s and breezy days peaking in the 70s. My kind of weather to be out, even if out is only as far as the bench on the patio. I can make myself quite a comfortable nest there, leg propped on a stack of pillows, everything I might need within arm's reach. I sit and watch the woods.
The birds are again active. Titmice, chickadees and nuthatches empty the nearby feeders. A catbird calls, unseen, from the still very leafy woods. A Black-throated green warbler is feeding in the hickory tree above me. Carolina wrens glean insects from the cobwebs on the patio furniture. And a cricket sings loudly from behind the stone step.
It's easy to get "lost" in these woods, to let your mind wander off and recall the many treasures hidden within. The screech owl that often rested here several years ago and the barred owl that watched me from a branch a few feet away last spring.
This summer it was the Wood Thrush, whose clear, melodious calls lured me each evening to the woods' edge hoping to catch a glimpse. For weeks, the woods resounded with the call of the bird never seen. Her presence was a special gift to me, if only in song.
This afternoon, she visited again. I helped her get back on her feet.

She is helping me get back on mine, too.

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Ruth said...

What a lovely little bird. I don't know what to think of bird charmers like you and Ruthie who manage to get these beauties to land on your hand for a picture. If I am in need of convalescing somewhere, I hope it is a spot like you describe.

nina said...

Actually, she was a bit dazed from a window-strike, feathers a bit ruffled--just needing a moment of safety from ? to catch her breath. But to have her so close and be eye-to-eye for a moment, will never happen again.

Steven Alexander said...

Nice pixes of the thrush.

cestoady said...

My goodness !!! If a Wood Thrush perching on your finger does not help you get better, nothing will.

Q said...

Sweetness. Wood Thrush medicine the best in the world. Such a beautiful singer. Amazing photo.

Mary said...

Nina, your days sound like mine lately. We did have a cold front! And some rain! I'm happy for you.

To hold a bird is very special. For a moment you make eye contact and all is well :o)

Your writing is go good. It conveys you mood and thoughts perfectly!

mon@rch said...

Nina - interesting day and I am soo glad that you were able to help this little guy out! The photo of it on your finger is amazing!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Nina, what a beautiful bird. I'm glad you got to help her out a little bit. Is she still singing in your yard? I think the wood thrush is one of the most beautiful birdsongs in the world.

nina said...

The thrush hasn't been singing since earlier this summer--probably breeding season...but knowing they're still here is nice--I see them filling up on wild grapes hanging from vines on the trees in the woods.

KatDoc said...

Wow, Nina - this has been your "Year of the Wood Thrush," hasn't it? From hearing them to seeing them on the nest to holding one in your hand - how special!

I hadn't been by your blog lately - too much else going on - so just heard about the DVT. So sorry you are off your feet; I know how important getting outdoors is to you. And, I was just about to invite you along to some Cincinnati Bird Club walks this fall. Sorry you won't be able to join us.

Feel better soon - I will ask the migrants to drop by your place for a visit on their way south.