Sunday, December 2, 2007


Annie and Katya were friends from the start.
The little orange cat, afraid of the big world she’d stumbled upon at the top of a steep, gravel drive off a narrow, winding road--
and the 8-year old girl, a new resident of the old brick farmhouse situated atop that hill.
Miles from nowhere, it seemed they were. And perfectly suited to each other’s company.

Soon, the two traveled as one, exploring together—Annie swaddled in Katya’s woolen shirt, shed as the sunshine warmed the summer mornings. By fall, her accommodations in the barn were upgraded to an accumulation of blankets at the foot of her little girl's bed.

The years flew past, from tea parties to slumber parties to high school graduation—and the now very large orange cat, present always, kept her many secrets, as a best friend should.

Last week, Annie and Katya, now 23, spent their last night together.
Then the quiet orange cat passed on.

We are very fortunate to have a vet who cares for people as tenderly as he cares for their pets.
For the last 2 years, Annie has required shots twice a day for diabetes.
Monday, she began experiencing seizures, and for several days, underwent testing and treatment in his office for what was thought to be encephalitis or a stroke, unrelated to her sugar levels.
When it was clear that she would not recover, he medicated her to prevent further seizing, tube-fed her a substantial meal and released her to us with instructions for “Going Home”.
Our daughter, Katya, arrived home from out of town that evening to be with her friend. Annie died the next morning.

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RuthieJ said...

Goodbye sweet Annie.
No matter how many years they spend with you, it's always heartbreaking to have to say goodbye.

Ruth said...

That vet sounds exceptional indeed. A very poignant post, but a well loved cat is very special.

Rose Connors said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Our sweet kitties are as loved as people.

nina said...

Sometimes I think too much.
But, this passing parallels the passing of my daughter's childhood.
So, we grieve having loved a very special kitty, and remembering times past that you leave behind when you move on.

cestoady said...

I was deeply moved by your touching account of the history and passing of Annie,the 15 year old ( ? ) orange, companion cat ,who brought so much pleasue and love to Katya , and to your home too. Long live Annie.

possumlady said...

Oh this brought tears to my eyes. I've just gone through a health scare with my 14 year old cat, Butterball.

It's an unspoken pact we make when we take animals into our lives...knowing that we will, in most cases, outlive them.

What a wonderful companion she was for your daughter.

Larry said...

That's too bad. I've had cats ever since I was a kid and have become quite attatched to some. I know how sad it feels.

nina said...

As much as some people may say that cats are not as interactive as dogs, Annie's very calm and accepting manner seemed forgiving of anything.
She always chose the lumpiest heap for her resting spot--how could anyone not be endeared to a kitty that is so tolerant?

Mary said...

Oh, Nina, I have a knot in my throat. You said this so lovingly. Good-bye Annie! Hugs to you and Katya. Oh, the grief. I'm sorry.

Kerri said...

I couldn't comment the first time I read this....too emotional. I read again and have tears streaming. I am so sorry for your loss! Animals can be as close to us as people....and sometimes closer! But what wonderful memories you have....and what a beautiful tribute!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Simply beautiful. Katya is exquisite, and so are your photos of Annie.