Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just enough

This morning we awoke to snow--
not much, but enough.

Enough to experience the stillness it brings when it blankets the world in a layer of soft, clean, cold, whiteness.

Enough to preserve the lifetime of one snowflake suspended from a spider's silken thread.

Enough to slow us all down long enough to appreciate the little things.

Tomorrow this gift will seem like a dream.

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Ruth said...

Beautiful photos! I love the last two especially. That dangling snowflake is spectacular.

mon@rch said...

love your photos and the snow flake is amazing! BRAVO!

MojoMan said...

How wonderful that you were there to capture that snowflake, and that you could share it with us!

Mary said...

Your photos can only be more beautiful with your words.

I'm listening to soft Christmas Carols here at the office and the combination of your post and the music is so soothing....

Love the snowflake!

RuthieJ said...

Great pictures, Nina. The suspended snowflake was totally amazing. How fortunate for you (and us!) that you were able to capture that image.

Q said...

Snowflake is an ncredible photo. The Frost is also beautiful.
I adore snow as long as I can just putter about the house and gardens. I do not like driving in it! It is so very beautiful when it snows.

cestoady said...

Of the megazillion snowflakes that descended near your home ,you have immortalized that star flake in a stunning--and unique-- photo that introduces the dancing Euonymous (?),red fruit, tufted with the whitness you describe so well.

swamp4me said...

That's a lot of snow! We don't get snow every year here so any snow is a lot :)

Kerri said...'ve captured a snowflake wonderfully! All of these shots are gorgeous!
Great job!