Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Morning field

A beautiful sunrise on a chilly, 11-degree morning. The field is frosty. One goat watches me from the shelter of the barn, while the others hunker down in their straw inside.

The colorful sky hints of storminess to come and many travelers' activities.
Last year I spotted an owl perfectly outlined within this tree's branches--a nice perch to survey the grassy surroundings.
I can't look at this tree without remembering her watching me, too.

My gloved fingers beginning to ache with the cold, I couldn't resist capturing this faded, frost-covered grass, waiting to be warmed by the rising sun.

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cestoady said...

I was having breakfast as I read this enchanting blog, my cozy, warm bowl of oatmeal never felt or tasted better.

Anonymous said...

I love your amazing colors of blue in pink!

Mary said...

And this is just the type of morning we have here. You describe it perfectly! Beautiful photos, and that tree that held the owl - Wow.

Diane said...

How fortunate you are to have so much of nature alive and active in your area. Although I live in the north, there is still much alive (under the snow). We still have our hardy birds and mammals. I'm pleased to have found your blog -- very interesting indeed!

Diane, Sand to Glass