Friday, January 11, 2008

No ice.

Usually, if we are lucky enough to have thick ice on the pond--thick enough for skating--it will arrive in January. Ice skates tower in boxes on the top shelf of our coat closet. Black skates, white skates, figure skates, hockey skates--we have them all, in all sizes. Perched precariously, waiting for the day we may excitedly lift them down--and walk, wobbly-footed out onto the pond, to skate under Orion's watchful care.

But, this week's balmy weather roared through the house like a bellows--we won't have ice for skating any time soon.

The warmth lets me linger a little more on the trails, and look a bit further than a brisk walk allows.
Without the distraction of leaves and colorful grasses, these under-appreciated lives take center stage.

Bright, rich color.
Texture and delicacy.

Lichens--layers of life, sharing space.

And, even in January, a spider.

I don't believe ice-skating is in the stars.

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Stacie said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Without anything else of color, my eyes are drawn to the fungi! I love my walks in the woods, with my camara and my dog. Our pond only has a thin layer of ice as well. Odd January weather, but there is beauty in every season! Great blog! I love your writing and photography!

pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

ah Nina, from owl poop to fungus! Such a life.....ha, ha.... we do exist on the same astral plane it would seem....cheers

mon@rch said...

Our ice has all melted as well! Love all your photos and thanks for sharing!

Marvin said...

We're a bit too far south for ice skating in any year, but so far this winter we haven't even experienced a full 24 hours with temperatures below freezing. Very strange.

Enjoyed your photos. Thanks.

nina said...

Stacie--odd January weather, indeed!

pineyflatwoodsgirl--yes, wait 'til you see what's in my owl pellets! (how's that for suspense?!)

Monarch and Marvin--seems a warm trend has settled in on all!

Jennifer said...

I remember 16 years ago on January 1st Chautauqua Lake was like a mirror. I called my brother and told him he HAD to come down to skate... I couldn't because I was rather substantially pregnant... I miss skating on the lake.

Chris said...

Beautiful detailed pictures! It does feel as if we have been cheated out of winter skating and all.
I finally finished the 7 random fact game, you can view if you like :)

Mary said...

It's all life, Nina. You captured the best here. Just lovely!

We had a warm-up, too. There will be NO ice skating here - not ever. Two hours north in the mountains, maybe. That's OK, though. I skate on my buttocks.

Crayons said...

Hi Nina,
These are breathtaking photos. I really enjoy seeing the details through your eyes. You see so much more than I do.

We have ice-fisherpersons on the shallow part of our big lake here in Madison Wisconsin, but they might retreat next week.

Joan said...

Nina--Fantastic photos. No frozen ponds for us this year but last year I went on a naturalist training field trip in February at Pandapas Pond. The pond was frozen solid because the temperature was in the teens and had been that way for days. Frankly, I like the warmer weather.

Anonymous said...

I too love the details that often get missed under a leafy canopy. Skating -- how wonderful. I have no excuse except that my skate blades need replacing (badly rusted). My main excuse is how much work it would be to try and clear the snow off the dugout (our version of a pond!). Wonderful thoughts to ponder yet again Nina -- lovely.

Sand to Glass
Dogs Naturally

nina said...

Jennifer--I feel the "must do" of skating, too--the opportunities are rare--it would be careless not to try.

Chris--thanks for the "facts"--always good to "see" the person behind the blog!

Mary--I skate on my buttocks, too--but at least in cold weather, they're more heavily padded! (With clothes, of course)

Crayons--it always amazed me that cars could drive out onto the lakes--used to see it in upstate NY as a child--NEVER around here. Ah, the good ol' days.

Joan--Brr! Training in February? Hope they had hot chocolate!

Diane--We, too, spend more time clearing the ice than skating--but just being out in the wide open space is a treat--a chance to get a perspective I can only get when the ice is there--the view from the center of the pond!

T.R. said...

Beautiful post. You have inspired me to get a macro lens. Your lichen and fungi shots are fantastic. A whole huge world of texture and color and shape and form all packed in those tiny bits and pieces of nature. Reminds us that we can often find the marvel and mystery of Nature in ten square feet.

Larry said...

Wow-I am surprised at what you found in winter.-I am going to keep my eyes open for mosses and fungi next time out.-Photos came out nice too!

RuthieJ said...

Those are great fungi pictures, Nina. I like all the different colors and textures seen up close.

Don't store those skates away yet....I bet there's some cold weather heading your way next week!