Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The road we're on

This road I walk, in all seasons, in all weather. I know it will always provide just what I need.

It's the road I've walked with my husband, an after dinner stroll, sharing the events of our days.
It's the road I've walked with my girls, as they grew, hoping to always be the one they'd bring their troubles to.
It's the road I've walked with my dog, to stretch our legs and breathe deeply--2 creatures caged for most of the day.

But when I walk alone, the road is my wide open space. Planted in corn or soybeans by the neighboring farm each spring--in winter, its emptiness allows me freedom from distractions. Freedom to reflect, or wonder, or dream.

If I'm lucky, not a car will pass, as I wander along.
Thinking of this year's accomplishments and hopes for the next.
And marveling that, on the last day of December, when I should be inside, preparing for the evening's festivities, the frosty weeds at the road's edge have me captivated--again.

In this new year, may you see each day as a journey, with hidden respites along the road, beauty abounding to feed your soul.
And may you be rewarded for discovering that it lies, waiting for you, always there.

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Lynne said...

Nicely said Nina. You are the best at finding and sharing the lovliness and wonder that nature is always reading to share with us, if only we will look for it.

Mary said...

Nina, your blog is a gift. Your wish is mine.

Lovely photos, as usual.

I wish you a wonderful new year, full of wide open spaces and time to realize that Nature Remains.


cestoady said...

What better wish for the New Year than to be reminded that there is always beauty along our journey each day --- if we take the time to look.

And your blog so helps to bring truth to that wish.

Thank you.

T.R. said...

Thank you so much for kicking off the New Year with such perfect sentiments. You brought a big smile to my face with the reminder of the journey. Your blog is such an inspiration.

All the Best!

MojoMan said...

Especially lately, I've been as saddened as a crusty old cynic can get by the road we, as a society, seem to be on. It's comforting to find a few like you who seem to be on a different path.

Happy New Year. I look forward to reading your posts in the year ahead.

Chris said...

Wonderful frost photos! A good walk to start the new year.
Happy New Year to you!

Mary Richmond said...

lovely photos, lovely blog!

Kerri said...

Fantastic post Nina! I love these shots! Leaves, trees, frost...can't get any better than that!

Stacie said...

beautiful writing. great pictures!