Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look at those legs!

They peer from beneath the leafy hideouts, deep in dark water--their charming faces, bright white. Just a few Jefferson Salamander larvae, visiting from the vernal pool--and showing me the marvel of their ever-changing lives.
Daily, I peer back.

At 32 days since hatching, they're just under two inches long.
Golden brown-freckled bodies.
Brilliant white bellies.

Wide faces with ever-present smiles.

And, at last--
four legs!!

Jefferson Salamander larva, upper right
Wood Frog tadpole, lower right

Watching Woman, center

For more glimpses into the lives within my vernal pool,
from migrations to eggs and hatchlings,
click here.

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Rurality said...

Very cool!

imac said...

Great shots, bet you happy one eh?

TheElementary said...

Fabulous pictures, these are. I held a salamander once, while hiking in the woods in Northern California.
How amazing to watch them grow like this. What a privilege.

NCmountainwoman said...

I never fail to learn something when I visit your blog. I had no idea that after 32 days the salamanders would be less than two inches long.

Lovely photos. It's a pleasure to watch them grow.

Tom said...

Nina- Very cool. I'm curious to know if the ones in pool have grown faster or slower than the ones in your tank.


She sure is strange! said...

We only get to see salamanders when we visit my parents in North Carolina. Your blog helps us pass the time between visits. Just beautiful!


nina said...

I wondered the same thing.
And, fortunately, because I'm almost constantly doing water changes (taking water from tank back to pool and bringing in fresh pool water) I come across them often outside.
"Mine" ( Jeffs and woodfrogs) are about the same, actually. And, even within the tank, where all hatched the same date, they vary slightly.

What I am finding now, are Spotted larvae--much smaller, and with gills only, because of the 3 week lag. And I've added one or two to the tank, to be sure I keep track of their size differences, too as time progresses.

Still no legs on tadpoles! Maybe next week.

Mel said...

So cool!!!

Mary said...

Amazing. All four legs and ready to go?