Monday, July 7, 2008

Have you seen...

Tapping at the glass on a summer’s night, drawn to the only light in the yard--our window, and the small light glowing forth as we relaxed last evening.
As if it were someone casting pebbles upon it, the effect of capturing my attention was as great.

With flashlight in hand, I went out into the darkness to find the source.
Gathered there, 3 stag beetles.
Bumping and colliding with the glass, so strongly attracted to the light from within.

With huge mandibles and dainty comb-like antennae, a curious combination of fierceness and delicacy.
Clad in a glossy dark red jackets.
Their feet, but tiny hooks.

"Have you seen...." is an effort to discover the unusual beauty in things not usually appreciated for their beauty.

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Kirk said...

Seeing that staghorn beetle just took me back 30 years. Being nose to nose with one, the wonders of nature opened up to me. I'm glad I never experienced their grip. Thanks for sharing!

NCmountainwoman said...

They are great photographs, making me try VERY hard to discover beauty in these creatures. I did get as far as admiring their glossy dark red jackets. At least that's a start. So you did accomplish the goals of "Have you seen..."

KGMom said...

Great photo of a stagbeetle--nose to nose as it were.
What do they use the mandibles for? Eating, of course, but do they prey on other insects? Do they ever nip creatures such as humans?

nina said...

Actually, I believe they are less for eating (the larval stage--grubs--are "eaters"--decomposers of dead wood) and more for competition with other males for a female. (?)
Yes, they could pinch, but seemed almost too clumsy to manage much too worry about.

How about those antennae??
He's quite a beautiful beetle?

Q said...

Dear Nina,
He is a handsome bug!
The beetle world is filled with interesting bugs. I think his pinchers are cool. Lovely red "jacket" too. I have never seen one in person but I have looked at his outfit often in my bug book. Now that I know they come out at night I will keep a light on!
Thanks for showing and telling about a very cool bug.
I like bugs! Glad you do too.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a stag beetle. It is quite a powerful looking insect.

Lynne said...

I'm trying, but not seeing alot if beauty in that beetle. OK, maybe a little...

Naturegirl said...

Nina great closeups of a bug that I would never see! Thank you for sharing .

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have never seen such a huge beetle unless it was pinned to a board. Those jaws make that music come to mind.. da du, da du, da du

Jennifer said...

Whoa! Awesome Pictures. Did you take those at night? They look like they were taken in sunlight.