Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How lovely the ordinary

The country roads are bordered by the hundreds in lilies—the day lily, the ordinary.
Bursting forth, spilling from every ditch, filling every wild, sunny space with orange.
I drive past them each morning, as they wake for the day.
And almost forget to see how truly lovely, the ordinary can be.

Back by the pond, the woods are dark and leafy.
In the narrowest beam of light, I see them glowing.
Four flowers, framed by the shaded bank.
And I am reminded.

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Lynne said...

We call them ditch lilies and I love them too.

bobbie said...

Day lilies are so wonderful! Each year I await them impatiently. I know just where they will be blooming along the roads. I found a few small ones volunteering in the grass a few years ago, and moved them into my garden. They are now in two gardens. The perfect compliment to my purple butterfly bush.

KGMom said...

Oh yes! As we drove home from out Sat. evening outing (to our old dating haunt) my husband and I passed at least a solid mile of day lilies along the roadside. Just gorgeous. Except for the fact that I was driving, I would have taken a photo!

caroline said...

Ditch lilies are absolutely July to the Lake Champlain valley where I grew up they are everywhere along the roadsides with Queen Anne's lace and chicory, emblem of high summer.
Reminds me of home seeing your pictures.
Caroline now in South Dakota

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love to see them along roadsides craning their necks toward the sun. I also like to see the spiderwort growing with them. The orange and purple combination is one of my favorites and I put them together in my garden.

NCmountainwoman said...

Yes, in our quests for the unusual we often miss the wonders around us. Thanks for reminding us not to take our ordinary beauty for granted.

Andrea said...

Great shots. We have these growing wild around Georgia too. I love the orange color.