Thursday, August 30, 2007


Blame it on the heat...
I've been burned out.

Discouraged by the lack of anything beautiful to study.
Disappointed that, even when I steal a few minutes to enjoy the out of doors, it doesn't refresh me.
Concerned that I'm finding it hard to appreciate what I love the most--being out in nature.
And so desperately waiting for this awful dry spell to pass.

The chicory beside the path was open wide, greeting the morning sun. Standing tall, adding splashes of periwinkle to the brown field grasses around it. And I walked on, around the loop, hoping for something more beautiful. No birds, no butterflies--just crickets scurrying ahead of my steps through the short grass on the trails.
And as I was almost back to the house, I found what I was looking for. An ever-so-short chicory in the middle of the grass path. Poor thing--it's purpose in life never realized, literally cut short by a mower blade every time it put forth growth. Never growing tall like its neighbors to the side.
But, even as discouraged as that little plant must have been by the repeated mowings, it was in full bloom. Covered with more flowers than you'd think its small 2-inch size could support--giving everything it could muster to its purpose in life, before it is too late.
Simply a little weed...but the sight of it was beautiful.

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Larry said...

I can relate to those times when one feels less than inspired.-
At times like that,we intend to overlook things that we may have appreciated at another time.-All it takes is something as simple as a flower in a field of grass to open our eyes once again.

Ruth said...

Late summer is not inspiring. Everything is past its best, and the colours of fall are not yet here. The little chicory flower is a great example of perseverance. Hope you have a refreshing long weekend! (you do have a long weekend in the USA too, don't you?)

RuthieJ said...

Pretty little blue flowers, Nina! I'm glad they were able to cheer you at the end of your discouraging walk.

Rebecca Clayton said...

I love the color of chickory, and have been wanting to take some pictures of it. It's just a little too shady for it at our house, and along our road. It's blooming profusely along the hard road, but I'm reluctant to stand there and snap pictures--the tourists fly over Droop Mountain as if they'd rather be somewhere else. (Strange error of judgement, really.)

nina said...

Yes, there's a lesson to be learned in watching that little flower pouring its heart into life, adapting to a less-than-perfect situation.
The Cumberland Plateau in KY is our destination for the holiday--should be just what's needed! Probably not as rugged as WV, but the closest thing to mountains for me!

cestoady said...

One reason weeds are so successful is they are adaptable and have GUMPTION , as your thoughtful essay illustrates... hmmm.... come to think of it,that strategy also works for us two- legged, non- weed types. Yay for Chicory !!!

Mary said...

Nina, I'm with ya. I am feeling bummed, too. It's hard to watch what August has done to damage and ruin what we worked so hard to maintain.

We have something to look forward to...chilly night and cool breezes. Can't be too far away now...

Hang in there with me.

Cathy said...

Very tender, post, Nina.

Hope things are cooling a bit, for you. Those crickets are singing an autumn song.