Friday, August 10, 2007

Have you seen...

Between Acadia Mountain and Flying Mountain the trail dips deep into the woods.
The bright, exposed rock face is replaced by spongy ground

—thick, mosses perforated by sparkling, cool brooks.
And rich color.

A stump, no longer living for itself, now provides life for something smaller. Covered in greens and blues and browns—slowly it returns to the earth.

Dainty, bright orange mushrooms (Hygrophorus reai?) congregate beneath the trees.

The earth’s richness, food for beauty.

Pickerel Frog, Acadia National Park

"Have you seen...." is an effort to discover the unusual beauty in things not usually appreciated for their beauty.

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mon@rch said...

This is wonderful for sure! I just love your "woods" shots that you captured! BRAVO

Q said...

Hi Nina,
It was five years ago I was in Arcadia National Park. A beautiful place. I did not see the Pickerel Frog! So glad you did and shared the photo.
Still too hot here in the mid-west for hiking. I am inside the house, in the air conditioning, looking out.
Thank you for sharing your walk in the woods.

dguzman said...

Man, I love lichens and moss and fungi! Neat to see. Thanks!