Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer heat

With a forecast of a near-100-degree heat index for this afternoon, my mind immediately runs to cool thoughts. A bowl of cereal and cold milk for breakfast, some juicy, fruity snacks for lunch and pasta salad for dinner.
And although the yard needs attention and I'm eager to be out exploring, I'm fussing around inside--shades drawn, windows clamped down and sealed tight.
This oppressive heat is more difficult for me than winter's worst wind.
And, the stillness outside my window makes me think the natural world has decided to hibernate, as well.

I look forward to the refreshment of fall.

Rain droplets on leaves
Acadia National Park

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Lynne said...

"the refreshment of fall"
I love that. Fall is far and away my favorite season and I'm looking foreward to it too.
I love you new picture too! It's so nice to see your smiling face while I read your posts.

possumlady said...

Ditto on the photo--very nice. I, too, so love the Fall.

When I wake in the morning I usually run around opening up windows to get some fresh air in before I leave for the day. NOT TODAY! It was muggy and nasty already at 6:30 am. Every day when I leave for work I tell the cats to "stay cool".

Cathy said...

My hubby just walked in the door after leaving two minutes ago for a walk. "Like walking in an oven", he said.

I hear the exercise bike humming away upstairs as the through-the-wall air-conditioner keeps tempo.

I do crack the window at night to enjoy the insect frenzy.

nina said...

We do the same for the night sounds--have to hear the bugs--nature's lullaby!

Body Soul Spirit said...

I hate being shut up in the house in the summer because we are shut up for so long in the winter. I feel restless this week due to the heat, but it is too hot to do much outdoors. I do love fall...

cestoady said...

So that is what you look like -- great smile.

Hot days --- good time to stay in and get caught up on blog activity while nature struggles to get through another simmering summer.

Saw a house sparrow with mouth agape, breathing hard, just sitting on our fence trying to keep cool in the 95 degree heat.

My body temperature went down a notch after seeing the rain droplets on the Acadia bush.

mon@rch said...

In the winter we want heat, in the spring we want it dry, when its dry we want rain! I guess we are all human!

Jennifer said...

A woman after my own heart! (How else did I get the name Winterwoman?) Our heat finally broke yesterday. It was nice to need the blanket last night.