Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Early Riser

Leaving a trail upon silvery grass,
I walk collecting jewels,

remnants of the evening mist,

fallen to earth,

Crystalline drops,

each a tiny looking glass reflecting within,
A point of clarity in fog.

Purely clean,
they bathe my feet
before daylight steals them away

and hides my steps,

so others will not see—only I.

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Rose Connors said...

Fantastic photos!

nina said...

And by the time I finished walking, the beauty had passed. There's a magic in the morning.

How can a simple drop of water can be so stunning?

Tim said...

Nina, I love your blog. It is inspiring and uplifting and makes me grin from ear to ear. I love the very simple beauty of your days. Thank you for putting yourself out there.


vonne said...

Hello Nina, I accepted your invitation to browse "My Wild Life". I intended to read one before going to bed, but ended up reading them all. What a wonderful story teller you are -- I say story teller because your stories remind me of sitting around the wood burning stove in my youth, listening to my grandparents, parents, aunt's and uncles tell stories of the woods and their life on a farm in KY. It's why I live in the country now -except I live on the blackland prairie - and I wouldn't be happy anywhere but in nature. Are you Irish/Scot, as my family is? I can almost hear the lilt in your voice, in the telling of your stories.
The owl story brought tears to my eyes, and I was thrilled to see the light shining thru the turtle shell! We rescue box turtles too, but I've never seen an empty shell.
I do stained glass and I may attempt that pattern. Gorgeous.
Again, great site. BTW - you look so much like my mother (in her youth) that you could be her daughter! Sadly, I look like my red-headed daddy. :\

Ruth said...

Pure, fresh water is so precious and your photos depict its beauty. Lovely post.

Cathy said...

That's lovely, just lovely. Like cestoady - I'll be thinking of that particularly poignant last line next time I'm in dew.

cestoady said...

My walks through the dew laden grass will never be the same after reading your lovely,lovely words. A memorable post.

Mary said...

...and you wrote that. I am agog. Just beautiful - all around.

Bravo, Nina.

Kerri said...