Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Have you seen...

The soybean field I walk past is ready to be harvested--stalks dry and withered. Crisp, fuzzy pods holding golden treasures within.
This week is its last.
From the roadside it appears an amber sea. The acres of rows are straight, the tops level. The few low areas that had held water this spring grew a shallower crop-- now the dips and swells of this ocean. A vast expanse reaching to the edge of our oak woods.
Only if you stop and look closely, do you see the glories of the morning.

"Have you seen...." is an effort to discover the unusual beauty in things not usually appreciated for their beauty.

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Anonymous said...

First time visitor to your blog - I linked here through another, and I am enjoying your beautiful photos.

The geek in me wonders what all those varieties of morning glories are, while the artist part just drinks the satiny translucence and jewel tones. I took some morning glory shots this weekend too - just one variety, though.

cestoady said...

GLORIOUS post !!

nina said...

I think I've found two varieties here.
The ivy-leafed morning glory and common morning glory (with the heart-shaped leaves).
As far as I've read, both bloom in a variety of colors.
I was captivated by how unique each flower's coloring was!
Thanks for the visit!

mon@rch said...

My neighbors have some of the light blue morning glory growing in their yard and this year I have a small little plant just starting to grow with a few flowers under my bird feeder! I wonderful if the birdies brought it over!

Mary said...


I've seen so many photographs of Morning Glories - and, yes, they are glorious!

I want to say that your photos are the best I've seen, They made me gasp. Your writing is a bonus, too.

nina said...

I like the contrast of the rough, raspy brown bean pods with the colorful, tender blossoms. One past; one prime.
Thank you for your encouraging words, Mary.

Q said...

So many shades and each bloom so lovely. Your photos are breathtaking. I love the inner light of the morning glory.
I shall look for the ivy-leafed variety to add to my collection. Sometimes one plant will have two or three different colors. I learn so much from you! Thank you.

kate said...

Hi Nina,

I love the contrast between the ripened soybean pods and the morning glories. It's cool the way morning glories can bloom almost anywhere.