Monday, October 22, 2007

On the road again

It’s always interesting to me, what different people notice, given the same experience.
How a seemingly obvious landmark can be overlooked by the very same person who retrieves a four-leaf clover from their path, or how the single memory of a week-long vacation can be the color of a waitresses nail polish.
We see what we look for, what is important to us--and remember it according to the impression it leaves with us. Each of us takes away that, which when measured against our unique ruler, is worthy.

So, these photos may not be the typical sights others would deem worthy of a tourist’s time…but I found them intriguing.
Colorful patches rimming each stately edifice—buzzing with bees in gloriously brilliant flowers. Carrying on about the business of life--while the days of fall set firmly in.

The most perfectly patient Monarch I’ve encountered all year.

And the geese and ducks that appreciate nicely manicured reflecting pools.

Can you tell where I’ve been?

I find I gravitate toward the natural world,
even when other sights surround me.

Maybe it’s a way to find comfort
in an environment in which I’m not really at ease.

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Ruth said...

Stunning pictures! I love the geese, but that is not a view you will find often in a tourist brochure. Hope you are well recovered.

Cathy said...

I'm catching up on your delightful posts. This picture of the geese - made me chuckle. I, too, have been enjoying Lantana recently. Worthy, indeed.

Mary said...

You've been in Washington, D.C., I think? At the Monument? But, you know what? I'd be with you, wherever you are. We notice the same things.

cestoady said...

Your point is well taken -- we all live in our own world.

I wonder what that duck is thinking ? -To swim or not to swim ? or, Where is MY reflection ? Even the geese assume a pattern, like the rest of that magnificant city.

nina said...

Yes, I've been in Washington--very impressed at how the city does such a wonderful job of softening the huge federal buildings and monuments. It could be a granite-hard , austere environment, but there are green buffers everywhere--it's so alive!

Lantana--is that that beautiful red/yellow, pink/yellow flower? I must get some! The bees almost stood on their heads reaching inside for nectar!

It was the perfect opportunity to walk--and see the International Solar Decathlon (really up close!) My hubby's project of late.

LauraHinNJ said...

I plant Lantana most years, but it doesn't seem to get any visitors. Maybe I'm choosing the wrong color combination?

Tame ducks and geese are such a joy to photograph, aren't they? Of course, they're probably hoping for a handout, but I like being able to get close to such beauties.

mon@rch said...

Washington, very cool! Love the monarch shot!

KGMom said...

Nina--I too love the photos--especially the Canadian geese all lined up along the Reflecting Pool with the Washington monument in the distance. Do they know that they are in the U.S. capitol? Perhaps they should fly north to Ottawa.
I love DC--our daughter went to university there, and now that she is graduated, I miss frequent trips to the city.

Kerri said...

These are beautiful shots! Hard to say which I like best.... I am partial to butterflies, bees, flowers and to Geese! I have just hopped over from another blog... so I haven't looked at every thing yet. But this first post has won me over. I'll be back!

nina said...

I had the same thought as Donna--what these geese must witness--as others from all over the world walk past, dignitaries conversing, visitors with different languages sauntering by....what they must know!

Julie Zickefoose said...

I adore that CAGO shot! It could be used in any urban wildlife article you could name--especially with the goose bombs! Like you, I seek out comfort in urban settings, things I understand amidst the clatter and jangle.

KatDoc said...


That last photo, with the geese all in a row and the Washington Monument out of focus in the background, is terrific. I could see that in a magazine or a travel brochure.

Finding the natural world even in the city is an art - I applaud you.


nina said...

Maybe this goose shot would be more appropriate for a goose travel brochure?
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