Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thin green line

Sunshine, cool breezes and just a hint of dew.

How quickly fall has settled in with its blue skies and crisp, fresh air. Last week's soybeans are now gone--dusty crumbles are all that remain of the golden field.

The corn bordering the lane has been harvested, too. The path I walk has suddenly become wide, open space.
Only a thin band of green borders the lane--a strip of life between these tired, now resting fields.
But life abounds there, in the green.
A caterpillar enjoys a blade of grass, warmed from last night's chill by the morning sun,

Lobelia struggles against the sturdy grasses of the ditch,

bright, fresh faces are kissed with dew,

and purple clusters gently sway.

Now is their time to shine.
This life in the thin, green line.

The close-ups of these flowers are beautiful.
The morning light could not have been a more perfect complement.

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dguzman said...

Beautiful post and photos, Nina. It's been too long since I've visited your blog! Shame on me.

Mary said...

Nina, as usual, I read your post twice as you have a gift of connecting your poetic words with lovely photos.

Now is their time to shine, for a while.

cestoady said...

Elegant text and images that bring to life a simple field border.

Like Mary, I too read your posts more than once --- and for the same reason she does.

Jennifer said...

Lovely words, lovely images, lovely season!

nina said...

These little white asters (and the New England ones, too) have become my favorite this year. Such delicate and perfect clean blossoms--and only 1/4 inch across--
Densely flowered--they more than makeup for losing the fields.

Larry said...

The words and ohotos are beautiful-very nice!

Larry D said...

Great photos, enjoyed reading your blog.