Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It happens quite often this time of year.
My frustration that the few beautiful days rarely coincide with my free time to enjoy them. Too often, I gaze out from behind glass--hoping there'll be daylight left to explore on my return from work that evening.
Disappointed, that the many days of damp gray will probably align themselves perfectly with the weekend.

But this morning was mine.
The periwinkle on the front bank has come forth from nowhere--
daintily curled blossoms unfurling in the bright morning sun.

What I had intended as a quick walk past the pond, soon became ant-watching.

Boulder after boulder placed atop the mound--they must've begun with the sun to have accomplished so much here--and, I'm sure, will continue their tireless efforts until it sets.

In the woods, as I approached Wood Pool, a large form flew from the trees--my owl. Her stubby profile so recognizable to me now--I watch until I can see her no more. Her refuge I'll not disturb. A family of owlets would like these deep dark woods. Their presence here makes these woods special.
Yesterday, she flew from the same perch.
And I wonder if she watches each night, as I count salamanders here in the dark.

I reluctantly turned to start back to the house--my pretty morning spent, the sunshine warm on my face and bare arms.

He has returned--the Tree Swallow who finds our bluebird houses the perfect place to raise a family.

And I recall the summer evenings watching them--coursing and dipping over this field.
Soon--very soon--there will be many days to enjoy.

Take a moment to find the ants in their anthills--

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Tom said...

Nina- I know the feeling, my wife Megan calls it "being at Disney World." so much happening, so much to see!

MojoMan said...

What comes after two days of rain? Monday.

Bad weather or obligations that keep me out of the woods on the weekend always tempt me to steal some time during the week.

nina said...

Every year at this time I toy with the idea of running away from home.
Quitting my perfectly good job, wandering all day outdoors, sitting and watching nature--Disney world, Peter Pan....the wisdom of age?

Carolyn H said...


Lucky you to have found a nice spring morning--I'm still waiting for mine. I think of spring as a season with a good press agent. You know--flowers and little bunnies and warm breezes, but the reality is usually a cold wind, rain and mud.

Carolyn H.

Jennifer said...

Ain't it awful when unReal life gets in the way of Real life? Tonight looks like it could be our Big Night for salamanders... but with a 7:30am class followed by my gallbladder surgery... i don't think i'll make it out there... At least i saw a few last weekend...

Sandpiper said...

It's wonderful to see spring emerging. I know the feeling of frustration, too. This weekend, when I will have so much time to play, it's supposed to rain. But, on the other hand, I saw my first spring flowers today in my garden. Yippeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you got to enjoy the beautiful spring day. Thanks for sharing your spring finds.