Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oriental Poppies

Our old house looks out over the country road from atop a hill, as it is with many older homes.
The front lawn is a combination of mosses and weeds that competes with the struggling grass beneath the shade of several large maples and a sprawling sycamore--and usually wins.
But at the roadside, the bank is exposed to a strong southern light that bakes the southern Ohio clay--and the abuse of passersby, who see it as little more than a ditch to collect their cast off bottles or an area to pull off onto and let an oncoming car pass.
Finding something to grow here, is a challenge.

Daylilies have consumed a fair portion.
But, above them, I've cast seeds. Of all that have ever sprouted, the only surviving as plants continue to be the poppies--their loooong tap root extending deep into the bank.
Deep enough to withstand the hot sun that fries everything else.


I cannot say
if I like flowers better, or the buds.

For their message is clear--a promise will be kept.

Thanks to Mrs. Nesbit for hosting ABC Wednesday!

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Mary said...

I get more enjoyment and viewing pleasure from buds. It's all about the promise of a good thing.

Nice post, Nina. Keep spreading the seeds.

Sandpiper said...

I love poppies, but the fuzzy buds are pretty, too.

Crayons said...

Hi Nina,
Wow, I just caught up on these last 7 posts! This is what I like so much about reading your blog: you capture such intriguing details near your house, and then you unfurl them for us using your top-quality English. I loved your use of the word "leonine" in the tank post.

Your intelligent description of the ditch near your house reminds me of that 1970s classic, "Reading the Landscape of America."

PS: Thanks for the thoughtful comment on my post about literacy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oooooo Poppies are some of my favorite most coveted plants. I have one. This is the first poppy that I have had more than one year. I am so excited. I hope it multiplies. I love the fuzzy leaves and buds, the anticipation, the gorgeous blossoms. There is nothing to not like about poppies.

Clare said...

Nina, I'm with you in the difficult choice between the nodding buds and the flowers, and just for good measure I'm also quite partial to the seed pods as well. Two more months until I can see poppies, gentle yellow Arctic Poppies.

ellen b said...

Ahh, I love that...a promise will be kept. Beautiful.

Dirty Knees said...

Anticipation of what will come soon. Nice!

Neva said...

A good O....what a lovely flower.

Texas Travelers said...

A great O post.
Thanks for sharing the really beautiful photos. Well done.

Poppies are a favorite,
Troy and Martha

Ida said...

Beautiful pictures of the Oriental Poppies. :)
Nice flowers.
The buds are lovely also, just like you said.
I have some red ones. I would like to plant some pink ones as well.
Happy ABC! :)


Blue said...

As you say the buds promise a pleasure to come.

mrsnesbitt said...

I fancy planting some poppies in our verge at the front of the house.

babooshka said...

Oriental poppies, a lovely choice. You will have to show us the poopies once they bloom to.

imac said...

Great O post.
Love youe Stone wall too.

Please fly over to visit my O.Post.

Jennifer said...

Oh I definitely should put poppies someplace. I love them.

bobbie said...

I love poppies too. And I love your title for the picture - Anticipation!

Anonymous said...

Good O post. Nice pictures.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Well the buds are stunning, I hope we get to the poppies.. ;O)

Petunia said...

Nice pictures and great O post:)

Tomek said...

I hope all goes well with your planting project.

Kerri said...

Perfect for O! Can't wait to see them blooming!