Monday, July 16, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

This coneflower is a new addition to my herb garden this year. The color is so rich--when the sun catches it, it glows!
Two-legged flying things are scarcely seen these days--it's all about six legs, now. Everywhere I look, in the middle of every leaf, coursing along every stem, ready to jump from every petal.

These bugs hatched a day ago from a collection of eggs on a gum leaf. From what I can tell, they're hemipterans of some sort--miniature versions of some adult bug. I can only imagine how many of this "litter" will actually survive to adulthood. They'll be someone's dinner--most likely a bird.

Where would we be without insects? Cleaning up the debris, catching our pests, feeding the birds.

This message was brought to you by Wheelbug-for-Hire.
"If they're buggin' you, we'll eat 'em."

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Mary said...

Nina, your messages are so great. My favorite photo is of the ladybug. The best ladybug photo I've seen!

You have a wonderful eye for beautiful photography and your words are perfect!

"Wheel-bug for hire" LOL!

Lynne said...

That wheelbug is just too cool! Those little baby bugs are actually quite pretty.
Another beautiful post.

KGMom said...

I need to find a good place to help me identify bugs. I walk past a silver maple tree on my daily walks (with my dog) and have noticed the tree is teeming with little red bugs. Definitely not lady bugs--I know what they look like.

nina said...

Donna--try looking here:
People send in hundreds of pictures of insects they need help IDing--experts tell what they are, very informative and, chances are, your mystery bug is someone else's, too.

Larry said...

Blogs like yours have me looking closer at what's in my gardens.-it's amazing all the life that goes on if you take a closer look.-I saw one of those Hummingbird Moths today-(I forgot the real name)-they're pretty cool to watch though.

Q said...

I love bugs!
Your pictures show just how beautiful they are.
I do like them so very much.

Cathy said...

Nina, You've got wonderful bugs! I think you'll enjoy this link. It's Bev Wigney's at Burning Silo's picture of hatching predatory Stink Bugs. Isn't it what you've captured on the Gum leaf? Neat.