Thursday, July 5, 2007

A duck? Me?

I found this quiz, 4 simple questions, and for my amusement, I took it.
I really had hoped for something a little more exciting.
Now my husband is calling me Aflac.

What kind of BIRD are you?

Duck. You like to surround yourself with a strong flock of family, friends and associates that make you feel safe and comfortable. For the most part you're pretty calm and easy going, but will go on the defensive when a situation warrants it. You believe in family, tradition, honor and loyalty.
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cestoady said...

Caw,caw,caw--cah caw ,kahr ?

Lynne said...

I'm a duck too!!
Great minds think alike....?

RuthieJ said...

I'm a duck three!!
Strange things going on in the blogosphere!

Mary said...

Duck four!

I'm a duck. Quack. Aflac is a cute nickname....

nina said...

I feel like I should invite you all over for a swim (in the pond)!

Cathy said...

Hello fellow Duckies! Actually - my nickname is "Ducky" cause of my big feet :0)

cestoady said...

Though I can't swim,it is an honor to be in this flock of ducks --- and I do not mean Old Squaws either.