Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Walk with me

I love Tuesdays!
They're my mornings off--my mornings to get out, explore and catch up with so many places I only briefly see any other day of the week.
And today, it seemed to be a refreshed earth I was walking in--last week's rains have sprouted newness and greenness where before it had become brown and lifeless.

The phoebes are about to fledge.

Four precious faces, now barely squeezed in a cup.

I always check the floor beneath the nest as soon as I enter the doorway--so afraid I'll find one fallen. Messy little eating machines!

And, it's the mess over here that caught my eye--even messier eating machines here, too?

Four more precious faces--barn swallows, also very soon to fly. And with almost no headroom--that's cozy!

The grapes are now about the size of green grapes you'd buy in the store--but these need to ripen--to concord purple this fall.

As I came across the field, a doe stepped out in front of me, snorted and stomped twice. Immediately beside me, in the tall grass, 2 small faces peered back.

Our older, little pond, now dry, has filled with fresh, tender grass--a salad bowl for grazing.

And the thrush woods--very leafy and dense.
Down in the dry creek bed, the bee balm-- red dots amidst fresh green, minty stems.
The world seems alive again.

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mon@rch said...

I soo miss my Phoebes! I can't believe how much of a mess those guys can do and without a doubt the swallows can make a big mess! I can see the Deer also!

cestoady said...

Thanks for the invitation, I would love to take a walk with you. Wait until I get my boots on. I wonder if anyone else would like to come along ?

Like your barn. Boy ,the Phoebes grow fast, don't they ? I am glad they have gotten this far. And the BSwallows are doing well too. You have a lot going on in this barn don;t you ? Do I smell sheep ?

I did't know you had grapes -- they look good . Will you make jam -- or maybe try wine ?? I love grapes.

Shhhh-- I see that fawn, just barely -- there he goes. My, you have sharp eyes, if it hadn't moved I would not have seen it.

I bet the deer sure like that fresh grass in the dry pond. I see that other fawn across the way. You certainly have a lot of deer around. Must be the mild winter.

The bee balm stands out doesn't it -- I wonder if the Humming Birds have found this patch?

That was a good walk, Nina -- let's do it again sometime.

July 4, 2007 1:00 PM

burning silo said...

Lovely photos from your walk. I was just reading your post from June about your Pygmy goats. I used to keep a large herd of dairy goats at one time. It's been a few years since the last of them departed and I still miss them, especially in summer when I used to go for walks around the farm with the whole herd crowding around me.

nina said...

Bev--Yes, the goats won't be far from the action--in fact, half the battle of any photo in their vicinity is literally a tug-o-war involoving the camera strap!

LauraHinNJ said...

Lovely summer pics - thanks for taking me along!

Mary said...

Nina, your tour makes me envious. What a great place to live and to love the nature!

I had experience with Barn Swallows last summer. They were SO MESSY on my front porch but I welcome them back, and, miss them so much.

RuthieJ said...

Love those little birdies! I bet those Tuesday mornings off go by really fast, don't they?
Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

Cathy said...

Your blog is a poem. A beautiful poem. (I may have said this before. I'm sure I'll say it again)