Saturday, July 7, 2007

The birds, bees,...and bats?

As I stood in line at the post office this morning, I was reminded of an NPR broadcast I'd heard earlier this week. It was an interview with E.O.Wilson, Harvard entomologist in which he was discussing pollinators--their crucial role at the hub of every ecosystem. What I apparently hadn't picked up on, was that June 24-30, 2007 had been designated the first annual National Pollinator's Week by the US Senate and the USDA. Four stamps have been issued by the US Postal Service--and they're beautiful.

What I especially noticed was that the four include a bee, butterfly, bird, and bat. The fact that the bat's included, is what made me smile. I think most people can embrace graceful butterflies, fuzzy bumble bees and cute little hummingbirds. It takes a second look and a change in thinking to understand the "goodness" in bats. Maybe if we take the time to evaluate worth not only on appearances, but truly understand the interconnectedness of us all, that little bat won't be so scorned.

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Dorothy said...

Hi Nina,

I just bought a book of these beautiful stamps last week. Aren't they pretty.. I think they are almost too pretty to actually use! We had a bat in our house a week ago. We managed to get it back outside. I happen to like bats, I think they get a bad rap.
They're very good little creatures and I was happy to see them represented on the stamp too.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Nina,
Like Dorothy, I happen to like bats also (quite a lot actually). It's unfortunate that they're such a misunderstood little animal and people never bother to learn how beneficial they are as insect controllers in addition to pollinators.
Can't wait to get a book of these new stamps!

Susan Gets Native said...

I used to have a big time phobia with bats. One hit me in the face years ago, (probably diving for a big and I got in the way) and it took quite a while for me to grow up and get over it.
Now I have a bat house.
Those stamps ARE pretty! I have been buying "Forever" stamps, but I may have to just grab a few pollinator ones!

Mary said...

Nina, I've always been intrigued with bats and while I lived in Maryland, I made sure to be outdoors at dusk to see them swoop before nesting. I guess if one flew into my face (like Susan's experience), I'd have a fear, too. I like them.

Next trip to the post office - I'll ask for them! They are beautiful!

KGMom said...

The stamps are beautiful.
And I too am a big fan of bats--I am always urging people to be kind to bats.

nina said...

That stamp is a good jumping off for pointing the "good" features out to people. The clerk where I purchased them, commented on how she loves butterflies and hummingbirds--doesn't like bats. I matter-of-factly mentioned their value--not to argue or contradict her--and let her know how much better we are WITH bats than without them.
Maybe next time if she has to make a choice to preserve them, she'll take a minute and make that second thought.
A conversation in a line somewhere--something many of us who wish more people cared about natural things, can do.

possumlady said...

Beautiful stamps! Oh, I LOVE bats! I used to be a member of Bat Conservation International (BCI)(maybe I need to renew my membership). Halloween is a BIG thing in my neighborhood so my first year I bought 50 little pocket-sized pamphlets from BCI entitled "Fascinating Bat Facts" and handed them out along with the candy. The kids loved them!

Nina, I did get your "8 things about me" tag and I will definitely do it. It might need to wait until after I return from Puerto Rico the middle of next week though, as I'm a bit swamped!

mon@rch said...

I saw this somewhere else also! Very cool stamp for sure! I must get myself some of these!

LauraO said...

I hadn't heard about these stamps. They are beautiful - I'll have to get some tomorrow!

Cathy said...

I didn't know bats pollinate. Cool! I just bought a bunch of blah stamps. Drats.