Sunday, October 26, 2008


Maple dressed in orange

A strong breeze blew dark clouds across the sky this afternoon—puffy white above, steel blue below.
The forecast of a freezing night appears to be true.
Much of the grass has lost its color, turning to brown in these weeks with little rain.
The field, too, has faded, from the glowing golden tones on the hilltop of goldenrod.
Until the only colors are the subtle shades
of past stems, withered leaves, and fuzzy seed heads.

Already, the breeze carries tonight’s chill.
And, I am thankful for the blush on the oaks.
Ignited by the setting sun.
Warmth in their rustling leaves.

Pin Oak

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Robert V. Sobczak said...

It always amazes me how long the oaks hold their leaves after they turn. We are expecting some of that cold air too: here in Naples FL the forecasters are calling for night time temperatures to drop below 60 degrees for the first time since May!

Mary said...

Pin Oak - my favorite tree. I'm afraid our Pin Oaks are dropping leaves before they turn bright this year but they are still showing a little fall color.

We're feeling the cold in the evening after warm days.

nina said...

Robert--When I had to worry about raking, it irritated me that, when all trees were "finished;" the oaks would begin, prolonging the chore.
Now, with rural property (woods), I appreciate their timing, prolonging the color of this fleeting season.
60? Brrrr! :-)

Mary--my big ol' pin oak is my favorite, too. And with all our drought, most all the color we have!
Maybe next year...wait--didn't we say that LAST year??

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The colors are still lovely in your part of the country.We are mostly looking at bare stems,but that's O.K. because soon they will look lacy with snow.

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely, just lovely. And you had a little bit of rain as well. Hooray for the pin oak.

bobbie said...

I love the photo of a single leaf. So often we can see so much in so little.

Cicero Sings said...

Hi Nina,

This site

explains the reasons for using walking poles as well as videos as to their correct use. (I see a lot of people poling incorrectly).

It is not my favourite activity (I hate those darn appendages) but because we cross country ski, it helps prepare one for the season. I'm always at the tale of the line when skiing so I need all the extra training I can get! I only start using them during the gray time before the snow flies.

Personally, especially on walks, I like to dawdle and LOOK. I'm not out for the burn. Now they are saying you don't need to walk like a mad man to get all of the benefits of walking! Besides, all that crouching, kneeling and getting up and maneuvering around to get a picture ... must be worth a lot to the old bod!!! LOL

Lisa at Greenbow said...

There has been a cold wind blowing here all day. Winter is trying to move in.

Q said...

Dear Nina,
The north wind is blowing again this evening. We are to drop to 27 degrees. I call that hard frost!
My Pin Oak never has any red on her leaves. She turns brown and holds her leaves all winter...I rake in the spring!
Your leaves are so pretty.
The Maples in my yard have kept me entertained for weeks as I watch the leaves slowly loose their green and show forth their lovely reds and yellows. I have one Maple tree that turns almost pink!
Stay warm and cozy!
Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

You know I reckon this winter will be the coldest for many long years, so your orange colours tell a real story. Here in Crete the oranges, the fruit, are almost ripe so soon we will be eating them.

Nice post


Granny Smith said...

I love the photos of the individual leaves, as well as your maple dressed in orange. Even better are your poetic words that bring us right into your world and time.

babooshka said...

My favourite season to photograph, for the marvellous colours such as these gorgeous oranges.

foodiejenn said...

Wow.. I really love the colors of autumn!

My "O" pictures are posted here and here. Hope you can drop by, too! Thanks!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Maple Leaf Orange Syrup! Yum! And beautiful expressive writing too.

D Herrod said...

Beautiful. I've only seen fall leaves change once.

Bear Naked said...

Orange Autumn collours perfect for ABC Wednesday letter O.

Bear((( )))

antigoni said...

Beautiful colours! Excellent choise for letter "O".

Ivar Ivrig said...

Beautiful autunm color. Well done :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice, Nina. Our colours have been transient by comaprison.
I am doing the rounds to lessen the load on Denise as one of the ABC team. In her name, I thank you for your support of the meme.

AphotoAday said...

Very colorful...
Not a lot of hardwood trees out here on the west coast, so the about the only colorful trees are the ones people have planted...

Rose said...

The fall color this year is spectacular, isn't it? We have to enjoy it while we can--we have had two nights of frost and days with cold winds blowing, too.
Beautiful photos;the pin oak is magnificent.

DeeJay said...

Beautiful colours

mrsnesbitt said...

Nature, surely is delightfully colourful!