Monday, May 28, 2007

Has anyone seen my froggy?

Found this frog peering back at me from one of the vernal pools in the woods. (zoom in--he's right in the center) The perimeter had been rummaged through by something--I'm guessing a raccoon, but no obvious tracks in the muck. Anyway, this little green, googly-eyed guy seemed to feel pretty safe, amidst the duck weed.

I walked back through the field, checking back at the spot where we've seen the Indigo Buntings nest-building, but no activity today, that I could see. She'd been building a nest in the blackberry thicket--smart bird.
This dragonfly kept me company for a good while back there. We sat looking out across the field--later to be ablaze with goldenrod--I on one log, he on the other.
He's a Common White-Tail skimmer (according to what I can find), and very "common" as there were many flying all over near the pond. Although a close-up of his lacy wings makes him seem anything but common.
The milkweed are ready and waiting for monarchs. Some years we don't seem to have many milkweed and I find the caterpillars just as happy chomping on those winding, twining, strangling vines--bindweed. But, I'm pulling bindweed like crazy--milkweed will be served on the menu this year!

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Susan Gets Native said...

Ever go out to East Fork State Park? The prairie trail is FULL of milkweed.
I was so frustrated while trying to ID all the dragonflies I saw. I need books.
Hey, you are a librarian! Recommend any good field guides?

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Actually, I love the Stokes Series of guides--but don't know if they make a dragonfly version. (I've seen the bird and wildflower books, and they're well organized)
I'm planning a trip to Half-Price books, myself. Sometimes you can even find things with the previous owner's notes written in the margins. (I need all the help I can get!)