Thursday, May 24, 2007

What I love about pond scum...

The lack of rain and summery temps we've had for the last few weeks have really dropped the water level on the pond. Usually, these spring months add enough rain to start us out nicely, filled to the rim. Not the case this year. Broad mud flats edge the shallow arms, and the deep-water end is showing almost all its stonework. Great for raccoons pawing around in the shallows; death for the fish if the water gets too warm.
Ironically, just a couple of weeks ago, I was noticing how many of the tiny fish were FINALLY recovering and filling back in from our last rough year. Seven or eight years ago, we lost almost every fish to a hot, dry summer.

The clean, shimmery surface of early spring is replaced by the murky, green growth of summer. Undisturbed, except for the heat of the day, it swirls into a natural form.
Yinyang--in Eastern thought, the two complementary forces, or principles, that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.


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KGMom said...

The swirl pattern is really neat, even though it is pond scum. Maybe that's a metaphor--even pond scum can produce beauty?

Q said...

You did see the beauty!
Always there is beauty.
So glad to get to know you.
Walking in beauty,together.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

If you go with the expectation of seeing it, you will.

cestoady said...

The pond, like the box turtle, can be beautiful in its own special way -- if we are receptive to it.

Mary said...

It is beauty in it's natural state! I am envious of your "real" pond. I could sit for hours next to it and observe and listen.

Pond scum can be an art form. Your great photos show it, Nina!

Susan Gets Native said...

I want a natural pond! While I can ooo and ahhh about Mary's, Laura's....I don't see me going through all the work of maintaining the filter and blah blah blah.

Dorothy said...

You have an eye for beauty where most would not see it, Nina.
Your pond is beautiful, scum and all.