Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It’s such a struggle. Wanting to fully enjoy nature, yet giving it the space it needs to be natural.
Sitting on the front porch a few days ago, and lingering that extra wonderful bit that a weekend allows, we noticed a different bird in our maple tree. Actually heard her first—so many leaves make seeing her like assembling a puzzle. Add yellowish head to dusky yellow breast. Now add grayish wings—wing bars? Can’t see. Dark eye. Dark, thin bill.
And the best part—she was building a nest. Using her body to smooth long strands against the maple branch, just at the point where it forked into 3 prongs. An oriole for sure!
Maple trees make such good nesting spots. Their long, broad branches so welcoming. And, for me, a perfect ring-side seat, from the upper front porch.
I’d love to hang on that spot with her, watching her skillfully lace her nest. But not if my being there makes it a less-suitable place to raise a family. I know I mean no harm—but does she?
So, I’ll close the window on my watching for a while and leave her to do her craft.
I’ve offered some scraps that I think would be lovely, if I were building a nest. It may be the best way for me to share that with her!

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Susie said...

Nice offering for Mrs. Oriole! We just hung an oriole feeder in our garden. Waiting for the first guests!

cestoady said...

What a clever idea and thoughtful gesture !! I wonder if Mr. & Mrs Oriole have a preference for particular colored material --red,blue,yellow etc. --does anyone in Blogland know ??

Regarding nesting material, several years ago I had an experience that still puzzles me. I had draped some newly washed socks over the porch rail to dry but when I went to retreive them hours later they had disappeared.

Shortly thereafter, I spied a squirrel (of which there dozens in the neighborhood ) with a clothespin, scampering off the porch ;I had caught it raiding my clothespin bag. It then ocurred to me that maybe HE had earlier taken my socks to line his nest --I doubt that he could have used them in any other way because I have never seen a squirrel with size 10 1/2 feet.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

That would be quite a sight!

MojoMan said...

Keep us posted should anyone make use of your nesting materials. That would be fun to read about. A couple of times last week I let feathers drift across a field full of tree swallow nest boxes. One bird among dozens knew how to catch the feathers in mid-air and bring them back to the nest. It was quite a thrill.

possumlady said...

Personally, I would like them to take the blue scraps. Orange orioles and blue would make a good color combination.

Susan Gets Native said...

Nice welcome mat you have put out there.
Orange and blue would make a nice statement!