Saturday, May 26, 2007


My ear has been trained on the tanagers. Often, the first sound of the morning, I hear them chipping to eachother just beyond the open door of the front porch--a very uninteresting "pitichip", in the midst of the lovely dawn chorus. Both male and female stay relatively close to their nest in our maple, but fairly well buried in the leaves. Treated to a fleeting glimpse from time to time, I seldom catch them in the open long enough for a good look.
(I call this picture, "Tanager Tail on nest")
By now, I've become so eager to see them, I bolt from the kitchen table with every slight, but distinctive "pitichip", running upstairs and peering out.
I can hear them from every room in the house.
I can hear them from across the yard.
They're playing hide and seek with me.

And, every once in a while, they let ME win!

We have another first , too. One of the new bird houses we put up this spring has attracted a pair of tree swallows.
He sits on top,
she sits inside.

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cestoady said...

Doesn't Mr. Tanager seem pleased with himself -- who would not be with such a handsome nest ?

And the Tree Swallows must be happy to have that custom build house that is now being decorated on the inside by Mrs. Swallow. Flying insects beware.

Q said...

Oh Nina,
How beautiful!
Tanager is a delight. To have the pair nesting is a blessing.
I come and look and celebrate. I have never seen one and am in awe. Your photos are excellent. I feel as I am seeing them out your window too.
Thank you.

Mary said...

A Tanager? I would do the same thing - nearly kill myself getting to the window. You are lucky. I'm also envious of your tree swallows. I've seen them but none have nested nearby. Houses, many of them, are in my future.

Thanks for the view, Nina!

Dorothy said...

Oh Nina...I haven't seen a tanager since I was a little girl. Believe me..that's a looong time ago.
You have a lovely property and beautiful birds coming to visit.