Thursday, May 10, 2007


The poison ivy is growing--BOLDLY. No more tender, hesitant shoots peeking between blades of grass--the kind that a firm footstep can pin to the ground. It's tall enough now to reach above socks or smack your face extending from the branch of a tree. Which makes getting out in it a bit more of a production! Long pants, long sleeves... whack, whack, whack it back--but at least you can see its threat.
If there was only a way to see chiggers.
"Probably no creature on earth can cause as much torment for its size than the tiny chigger." Every year I live dangerously--holding off on dousing myself with deet for as long as possible. And every year I wake up after a wonderful day in the yard, to find they're here! Actually, they're there, and there, and all the most unscratchable places.
I hope that day is not tomorrow.

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cestoady said...

Ah yes, even paradise has its villians, seen and unseen . And don't forget the ticks -- at least you can see THEM.

MojoMan said...

As I read more blogs from Ohio, I'm amazed at how southern it seems. I haven't had a chigger bite in over 20 years - since I left Florida. We don't have them (yet!) here in Massachusetts. And you are right: They would bite and cause uncontrollable, maddening itching in places that couldn't be scratched in public!

Susan Gets Native said...

Reading that link has made me very close to vomiting. I thought they just bit.
But sucking out liquefied skin cells? I may need to lie down.

Mojoman: You'd be surprised how southern our neck of the woods is. After all, Kentucky is just over the hill.
Can I get a YEE HAW?

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Takes all the FUN out of 'em, huh?

Dina said...

Shalom from a fellow bitten one.
Toothpaste on the bites can help.