Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weigela, w-e-i-g-e-l-a, weigela

It seems that flowers are my best-behaved subjects. They stand still for photos, only swaying slightly in the breeze, and never fly off just as I'm clicking the shutter. Our weigela bush is LOADED with brightness, boughs bending beneath the weight of the blossoms! I'd never wear something this bright, but this bush is always my favorite. It wears fuchsia, f-u-c-h-s-i-a, fuchsia very well.

And, finally, I've succeeded in finding plants that like this space. Twice as big as when I planted them this spring--can you see the ecstasy, e-c-s-t-a-s-y, ecstasy on their faces?

I'm wrestling within myself with a rant I came across on another site. The person was very frustrated, to the point of anger, with errors he found in other blogs he was browsing. Misidentified things, misspellings,.... And it made me feel, for the first time since I've begun to write postings, that there's an audience that seeks to be critical.
One(s) who miss the forest for the trees.....wanting to correct others, instead of share the sentiment that is being expressed. And it changed the way I thought about writing an entry.
What if I call something what it's not? What if I incorrectly describe something?
The excitement of finding and wanting to share, gets bogged down with the responsibility of having to be right.
So, for those reading, who are using blogs to substitute for reference books.....this is not where you should be.

Changing gears...
I got very brave the other night and ventured out into our field. No man-eating tigers here, just tons of sparrows and warblers! I swallowed hard, and settled in, binoculars in hand. Trusty bird book by my side and camera loaded and ready to aim, I waited. Eyes scanning the tree tops, mouth dry, alert to the slightest movement....serious birding.
The target was sighted at the top of a small bush. And to my many birds can look like THAT!

A Common Yellowthroat (I think) (I hope)

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Mary said...

Oh, Nina. There are some goofs in the blogosphere - they are everywhere.

When I write, I'm doing it quickly and usually forget spell-check. My run-on sentences drive me crazy when I discover them after I publish... I've made so many mistakes IDing birds it isn't even funny. As for flowers, I'm completely in the dark.

I'm proud that my blog isn't a reference manual.

Keep doing what you do. That's a beautiful yellow bird! And if you want to call it a Common Yellowthroat, that's what it is :o)

cestoady said...

To avoid mistakes --- or success --- do nothing. Blog away,and mistakes be damned !!

In the enlargement it looks like a Yellowthroat --- Also,I can tell by its song.

KGMom said...

I agree with Mary and Cestoady--blog away and ignore anyone who criticizes mistakes. If you were submitting a paper for grading--then worry. If not, just enjoy.

Susan Gets Native said...

You adresed this exackly right, Nina. Ther are folks out ther woo are looking for mispelings, and injoy pointing out the errers so they can feel relly intelijent.