Thursday, April 19, 2007

All-natural mosquito control

Last night was the perfect evening to spend just a little while on the swing. It had been a long one--packed with errands after an 8-hour work day, and I like nothing better than relaxing on a porch swing in the dark. So many night sounds that clear my mind--almost as good as watching the ocean waves lap at the sand on a beach. Sitting with the kitty who seems to have adopted us as her new family. Just thinking about nothing in particular, when I sensed movement. At first, I questioned I'd seen anything, but the flick of Kitty's head meant she'd seen it, too. So quickly, darting back and forth--bats.
Usually they stand out against a dark night sky, but these were much lower. In fact, very hard to see against the darkness of the grass. And it made me reconsider my walk back into the house. Maybe I should just stay a while, seeing as the bugs weren't bothering me?

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