Monday, April 23, 2007

That cat!

That cat showed up mysteriously 4 weeks ago--just walked out from under a hole in the garage door, and began rubbing up against our legs.
It was the first warm day we'd had in a long while. We'd been chatting in the yard with friends, and apparently our voices drew her to make contact. How long she'd been there--who knows? Probably a "drop-off". Our old house and barn leave the impression that we must need a cat, I guess, as it's happened before.
For the next few days, I called friends-who-want-cats, neighbors-who-lost-cats, people-who-love-cats...but found no one. I set up an appointment to have her spayed--just in case this took a while. And we kept wondering what to do with that cat.

This morning, I sat on the swing with her sleeping on my lap--the picture of trust and contentment. Soon, she'd be at the vet's--today's the day. And the agreement was that if she tested positive for feline leukemia, he'd put her down. No need to have her spayed. And, all day, all I could think about was that cat.

Here are the promised pics of yesterday:

This log was decomposing in our field--dragged there years ago when we had the dam on the pond rebuilt. I stumbled upon it overgrown with goldenrod, and got the idea to drag a chunk back to the garden for a nice planter! It looked delicious!

And here's a bluebird box Tony built--read up on 'em to be sure we had dimensions and architectural elements just right :-)

It looks out nicely over the field--soon we'll have the others down the path further.

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1 comment:

cestoady said...

If I was a bluebird ,I would be THRILLED with this new house with such a wonderful view and next to a field full of fat grasshoppers.