Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New neighbors?

It's always so startling for me to see this strange silhouette in the trees. Not a good picture, I know--but, you get the idea. This tree is the neighborhood "hangout". A sycamore, with a hole. For a while, I thought the pileateds would move in, but they've moved on. I'd do anything to see their young--I can only imagine how adorable they must be! Anyway,...not this year I guess. A pair of red-bellies have peeked in a few times, but they've not stayed, either. We may end up with a squirrel family again. Last year, every time I looked out the window at this tree, there they were--three baby squirrel heads, peering back at me! We'd greet the morning together, looking down on our shared ravine. So, who knows who'll be moving into the neighborhood--I hope it's someone nice. Maybe a wood duck?

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1 comment:

cestoady said...

Or maybe a Screech Owl ?? or even a Flying Squirrel ,if they are in the area. Too bad Ivory Bills are not in Ohio , they would love to share The Ravine with you.