Monday, April 30, 2007


It seems there are 2 types of days. Days that are full of work (and very little time for pictures) and days that are full of wandering (and everything is a photo op).
Today I have no pictures to share.
I know well that this comfortable, weed-pulling weather will quickly be replaced by the sweltering, clay-baking temperatures. The kind that make you seek refuge inside an air-conditioned room and hope that you made enough progress against the weeds to give the gardens a fighting chance. Heaven knows, there's no point in trying to weed then--they'll just snap off in your fist, roots firmly baked into the earth.
Fighting off the garlic mustard has been a chore since we moved here and discovered it for the first time. I've made good progress--the piles scattered around the yard are proof. But I'm going to have to take it even more seriously. Just when I think I've eradicated it from a section of the ravine, I look out to see a positively huge plant thumbing its nose at me. The stuff just won't die! I read today (in planning my next campaign of attack) that even after pulling it from the ground, the seeds continue to mature. Persistent bugger! I guess that's why garlic mustard is one of Ohio's top 10 targeted invasive species--it grows even in those piles. So, I'll have to do one better--this weekend we'll BURN it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you'll get a picture!

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