Sunday, April 22, 2007


Wow! Who could have asked for a more perfect day: bright sunshine, no humidity and temps near 80. Following the chilly (frozen) spring we've just had, its no wonder everyONE was at Lowe's grabbing everyTHING for a day in the yard! It was predictable--like picnic shopping before Memorial Day--but there was no avoiding it. WE had to grab things, too.
The herb garden will (finally) be receiving its long-promised make-over. Here's my strategy: since there is no such thing as bare ground here, if I don't plant something in a spot, something will plant itself! And there's really no point in pulling a weed, unless you plant something else in the gap! So, lavender, rosemary, oregano, parsley and mint will soon be planted. (and azaleas, dianthus, and blue-eyed grass--because they were pretty) I don't know how much I will "use" the herb garden, but at least I won't be weeding it!
And we've got a good start on the bluebird boxes. I know we're late, by a month, but maybe we'll catch the second round? Or perhaps we'll be early for next season?!
Anyway, we dug and hauled and sawed and pulled and planted and watered and staked and...overdosed on our sunny Sunday!

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