Saturday, April 21, 2007

The buzz

The cherry tree outside the front door has come alive--not only in blossoms, but in bees! It's lovely to look at, yes--but I can't walk past it without stopping to watch the bees. Mostly honeybees, but bumble bees and smaller, fly-sized bees, too. They're a noisy bunch of busy bees!

And I caught what is probably the last days for the trillium. They're already looking disheveled and starting to turn from the bright, clean white to brown. Such a treat to see them mingling with the May apples.

The pond was buzzing, too--hundreds of little fish (bass?) jumping and splashing, churning the water just beneath the surface. Which could be why our pond monster was active, too! (I didn't want to stick my hand out for a size reference) Don't be deceived by the tip of his snout--his head is about 5 inches across!

But, quietly, daintily, down at the other end, this sandpiper feeds.

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