Friday, April 20, 2007


This morning brings more activity in the sycamore. The bright sunshine has everyone up and scampering. This spring's baby squirrels are getting lessons in branch hopping. One with a pointy tail stays very close to Mom, bothering her repeatedly to nurse. It seems she's having a hard time finding a route back to the nest--a route that he can navigate with his limited jumping ability. So, she tries tree after tree to get back home. She jumps, turns, and waits for him. If he jumps, she goes on--if he stays behind, she returns and they scout another approach. This could take a while.
I'm waiting for the other adult (another mom?) to return. I noticed her climb down earlier. In her mouth, she had something very large, and round--like she'd gathered the edges of a picnic blanket and picked it up. Like a sack. It looked the same shade of gray that she is--and could've been a baby?? But, if definitely wasn't moving. She stopped several times, as she ran along the ground, to adjust her grip. And disappeared up the bank on the other side of the ravine. Hmmmm.

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