Friday, April 13, 2007

There's always something...

It's as I had feared. The geese have come and gone already--this year's nest another in the series of failed attempts. The picked-through remains of fluffy gray feathers and broken shells are so predictable, I feel like scaring the pair off every time I see them return. What is it about that particular spot on the bank of our pond that attracts them year after year...right onto the well-worn path of every nighttime prowler??
January's ice storm brought down a lot of branches in the woods. I did my best to free the smaller trees trapped beneath the tangles. And, a little off the normal "path" I walk, I found a nice surprise. Trillium!! Slightly over the bank, near the ginseng. In the 15 years we've lived here, I'd never seen them there before. About 20 clusters in all--not a lot, to those who can boast an entire bankful. But for someone who wished for just a handful--

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cestoady said...

What these geese need is a safe haven away from the racoons and foxes.-- like an island they can call their own . Then all they would have to worry about would be the BIG snapping turtle(s).