Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Breezes blowing

Yesterday, between snow squalls from slate gray skies and bits of sunshine from blue, I roamed our trails slowly.
This is the season of change, almost daily—
leaves burst forth from buds, and birds’ feathers brighten.
Like the clouds, changing moment by moment.

A pair of Mallards has been spending time on our pond.
Each time I approach, they fly off. Maybe it’s best—the tracks I’ve seen back here suggest a hungry neighbor patrols often.

A handful of small, white feathers floats in the center across the surface of the muddy water —the breeze pushing each little vessel to the edge where it is caught, moored on grasses in the shallows.

They appear to be breast feathers—each delicately curved, splashed with a brown tip.
It seems unusual that so many have fallen here. Were they preened, or did something happen in the sky above, dropping them onto the pond?

By the time I return past, they’re barely visible—faint spots scattered and hidden in the weeds.

Spring breezes move life quickly past.

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Mary said...

I hear springtime in your voice :o)

When I see several feathers on my pond, I always wonder what I missed, too. Sometimes what I missed is obvious, unfortunately.

Wishing you sunny days, Nina!

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful posting today. What a difference a day makes. Our worlds look very different now. You still have a frozen world there, and in just one night, the snow and ice melted and rained away here.

kate said...

I love the colour of the sky and the patterns of the clouds in your last photograph. It is gorgeous.

Like Mary, spring is arriving for you.

Dave Coulter said...

It seems to me during this time of year the smallest glimpse makes the day worthwhile. I saw three cardinals the other day and flipped!

MojoMan said...

I love the little signs of spring we can hope to see this time of year, but I'm never sure if they are real, my imagination, or wishful thinking.

Chris said...

Nice frosty pictures! Just when you think spring is around the corner...more snow! I love the feather on the water, I optimistically think it was preened and left as a present for you to find!

mon@rch said...

Nina - I always love when you post and you have no idea how a feather can make someone smile!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your walk today. Those little feathers are marvelous.

cestoady said...

So atmospheric a post !!

Andrew Wyeth would have loved to paint that handsome fence in the first picture.

Those tranquil feathers on the pond are so stark in their innocent beauty.

And your last picture has so much drama, with the lovely,lovely sky in contrast to the sleeping field --- and those footsteps in the snow that your coyote must enjoy sniffing,knowing that a kindred soul is also out there.

bobbie said...

Beautiful word pictures, as always.
I love the photos of the feathers.

ncmountainwoman said...

I just love the last picture. The meandering footprints are lovely. No straight, purposeful walk here; rather a nature walk in the snow.

Kathiesbirds said...

Nina, beautiful! I felt like I was walking with you!