Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day!

The dawn is becoming day.
As I lay still in a warm bed before rising, the plow’s heavy blade announces its approach from far up the road--the first sound of life.
Blue cast outside my window.
Then, silence... all around.
Snow day!

A fine layer of ice has glazed the surface of what fell in the nighttime hours.
Little drops of iciness snick and tick against each pane of glass.
I am happy to be inside, waiting for the world to wake.

There is something special about receiving an unexpected day off.
No chores already fill the time.
No errands can be run.
It will be a day to experience a little more of the outdoors than I usually am able.
It is a gift I wait anxiously to open.

This is just how I felt as a child!

“If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children,
I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder
so indestructible that it would last throughout life.”
~Rachel Carson

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Crayons said...

Good morning Nina,
That's a wonderful poem that evokes so accurately the magical feeling of a snow day. I always feel on such a day that the universe has given me a blank permission slip just out of the blue.

The quote from Rachel Carson holds deep meaning.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you got to fully enjoy your snow day. I could feel your joy through the web.

Anonymous said...

We, too, have ice and snow. Alas, not a snow day - it's off to work for me. Enjoy your gift.

Mary said...

Nina, I don't think we will ever outgrow our love of snow days. Yes, they are a truly a gift. You say it so well!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Nina, I see by your weather button that it's only 17 degrees there! Sounds like your ice and snow will be around for a while :-(
Hope you enjoy your snow day & stay warm!

Old Wom Tigley said...

A very good post Nina
I could have read a lot more of your writing... the pictures were very beautiful and just complimented your words.

Threadspider said...

I could hear the ice stillness of your day-I hope you enjoyed every moment of it.

bobbie said...

Lovely quote from Rachel Carson, Nina.

In case you don't check it out right away, my thanks for reminding me about the Anne Lindbergh book.

Sandpiper said...

Perfect description! Love the pix. I awoke to much the same today. First the sound of snow plows. Snow had fallen and everything was covered and encased with ice. We had the TV on and cancellations were rolling at the bottom of the screen. Definitely a SNOW DAY!

Mary said...

Hi Nina,

There's a little "thank you" on my blog tonight. Check it out.


mon@rch said...

I love when ice/snow is like this! How wonderful and your poem is stunning!

Ruth said...

Glad you got a day off and time to write such a lovely post. There is never a snow day for hospital staff. Oh well...

nina said...

Crayons--I felt very like a child waiting and hoping for horrible weather, while most others my age were cursing the forecast. The quote from Carson made me feel in good company.

Lisa--I'm sure a few flakes flew near you, too!

Wren--it's not as wonderful when you're forced to navigate through it--best wishes for safe travels.

Mary--of course I could've found a more useful project like cleaning closets or.....but, no.

Ruthie--Yes, it's brrrr and the snow stayed through Thursday. Thaat's probably the last for this year!

Wom--so glad you're enjoying and reading along--the drops on the pine needles generally cooperated for pictures--only dropped chilly drips down my back once!

threadspider--I did, thanks!

bobbie--you're more than welcome--I like Rachel Carson, too, and thoreau, and muir, and...emerson and whitman and frost......

Sandpiper--I love to hear that so many share these experiences--we're not that far apart after all!

Mary--thanks--you always make me feel special--you're a kind soul.

Monarch--I hope those little buds that got iced don't give up!

Ruth--yes, hospitals go on no matter what--more essential than a library, i guess :-(